Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Hilton Tallinn Park (Kreutzwaldi 23 Tallinn, Estonia)

I looked forward to going on my Segway tour of Tallinn today. The weather is partly cloudy with no chance of rain. I planned to be at the Segway office at 11:00 to begin my tour. Was thinking it would be nice if I’m the only one on the tour.

I was a little late getting to the Segway office, but as it turned out I was right on time. And found out that I’m the only one on the tour. Also saved 15 Euro because I paid in cash. It was going to be more expensive because I was the only one on the tour, but now the cost is about what I’d pay if I was on a group tour. I paid 75 Euro, in cash.

As it turned out, my guide also likes to travel. In fact, she moves around to various countries and at times gets employment as a guide since she can speak several languages. And she seems to know a little bit about everything. Being from Estonia, she was very knowledgeable about history, economics, and architecture. I definitely made up for lost time on this tour. Between my asking questions and what she was going to tell me anyway, I learned a lot about the history and people of Estonia and the city of Tallinn.

She took me to places where I could take great pictures of the city while she explained how the city grew over the centuries and talked about the different neighborhoods within the city. She also explained Estonia’s relationship with Germany, Russia, Finland and Sweden (who possessed Estonia at one time or another) and with Latvia and Lithuania, who are Estonia’s neighbors. As the tour progressed my head was getting full of all of this new information.

The tour was only to last an hour but she was kind to extend the tour by 15 minutes. After I got my “land legs” back again (riding a Segway is almost like being on a boat) I said my goodbyes and started to walk back to the hotel. I was going to visit a neighborhood near the hotel but the heavy clouds were moving in and I didn’t want to chance getting caught in the rain. Besides, I was tired and was looking forward to resting and perhaps taking a nap.

In the evening after dinner I prepared letters to be mailed when I get to Latvia. Also did more address changes and answered emails and texts. By the time I got around to watching “The Flash” it was almost 10:00.

I went to bed early again so I would be rested for my bus trip to Latvia tomorrow. Packing should be easy and since the hotel’s housekeeping was keeping the place clean, there won’t be too much to do in that regard. I’m going to miss being in a hotel since my next to lodgings will be AirBnb’s. I really was spoiled in this hotel in particular.

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