Monday, 27 August 2018

Hilton Tallinn Park (Kreutzwaldi 23 Tallinn, Estonia)

Feeling much better today. Not 100% yet, but I can see the end of the tunnel. If I was establishing metrics for this cold, I’d count the number of Kleenex used per hour. This morning I only used a couple. Yesterday, the hotel’s housekeeping was kind to refill the box they furnished for the room.

I felt good enough today to walk over to the old town of Tallinn and have a look around. I can see parts of it when I have breakfast or dinner (from the 11th floor), but I’m looking forward to seeing it up close. The hotel said it was a 10 minute walk and my phone’s GPS said 20 minutes, so I’ll give myself 30 minutes to walk there due to my reduced walking pace.

Tallinn has a fair amount of building and street construction in process. Getting anywhere by foot or car will be impacted, like I was this morning. I eventually got into the old town part of the city and found it to be similar to other old town’s that I’ve visited, though slightly older. Tallinn has one of the most intact old towns in Europe and was entered on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1997. From what I saw, I can see why.

As I was walking around, I learned that there are a number of buildings (or parts of a building) that date from the 15th or 16th century. As I’ve learned, not everything remains as it was. Owners of buildings, over the centuries, have made improvements to the buildings. Wars and fires also had a major effect. But from I could see, and coming from Oregon, it looked old enough to me.

I saw the old City Hall (thought it was a church because it had a steeple) and toured one of the oldest churches, the town square and walked around some of the streets. I soon felt myself getting tired and started back towards the hotel. On my way I thought about what I was going to do tomorrow. I occurred to me that there might be a Segway tour available. And I was right. On my way, I found the Segway office and made a tour reservation for tomorrow.

I was getting hungry, now that my appetite is improving. Which is a good sign of my improving health but not so good for maintaining my weight. I saw a McDonald’s and ordered a Big Mac, sat down and enjoyed it. While I passed a few restaurants as I was walking, nothing seemed like anything I wanted to eat. Good old dependable McDonald’s!

When I got back to my room I was very tired and almost immediately took a long nap. Later, once I woke up, I ate pretty well at dinner. Tonight they served roast beef in a very flavorful sauce or gravy, onion rings and a small salad in a shot glass. With a glass of wine.

I also purchased a bus ticket for my trip to Riga on Wednesday. The bus ride will take me through the countryside of Estonia and Latvia. It is a four-hour journey but I’ll be ready for it. So glad I’m feeling better.

I started to change my addresses tonight as a result of the person, who handles my mail in the U.S., moving this past week. I did 10 address changes and a few of them were difficult. I had the opportunity to practice my patience as I spoke to the company who holds a good chunk of my retirement savings. Again, for whatever reason, I was locked out of my account, so I had to call them. The person on the other end was very helpful but couldn’t let me why I was locked out. She will submit a request to unlock my account. She did make the address changes for me.

My watching “The Flash” will soon come to an end. Netflix doesn’t have all of the seasons available, so after Season Three is done, then I’ll look for something else to watch.

It really helps watching American TV while traveling. I never anticipated how exhausting it is to be constantly learning about new cities, history and cultures. While I think I’m able to go with the flow and get about without too much bother, being “on the road” for months at a time is in a way like running a marathon. (Not that I’ve ever run a marathon.) Getting into a mindset of constantly looking forward while maintaining momentum and balance would describe how it is to travel like I do. After Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania I have a short visit to Hamburg and an even shorter visit to Frankfurt where I meet up with cousins Molly and Ori. I’ll get a break when I spend time in Cairo with Hussein before my two week adventure with Corrine. So I’ll get a bit of a break coming up very soon. I’ll make it to the finish line. (Edinburgh!)

My friend Barb is with our mutual friend Mary in Edinburgh right now. They’re having a great time there. While I’d love to be with them, my goal is to finish what I’ve started. Onward!

I’ll look forward to my Segway tour tomorrow. The tour will help make up for my downtime as I recovered from my cold. I’ll be glad to stop writing about my recent illness and focus on staying healthy and active.

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