Friday, 24 August 2018

Hilton Hotel Helsinki (Kalastajatorpantie 1)

I took a Sudafed first thing in the morning and hoped for the best today. My cold, though mild, is a distraction to this travel day. I made sure that I left myself ample time for each step in the travel process. Fortunately it was easy work to pick up the hotel room and pack and was out of the room by 9:15.

My goal is to reach the Hilton in Tallinn, Estonia by 1:30. I’ll take a taxi from the hotel to the ferry terminal, the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, then a taxi to the Hilton in Tallinn. Very few steps. I’m anticipating great success.

The only hiccup was getting the boarding pass at the Helsinki terminal for the boarding gate that allowed on to the ferry to work. The person who first assisted me said I would need to check in, which I did the night before. Fortunately I was assisted by another person who got me through the boarding gate.

I found a place on the ferry near a starboard window and a nearby power outlet in case I needed to charge my phone. The duration of the trip is two hours. I found myself happy to sit in my chair, look out the window and play a few games of Pinochle on my phone. Drank a cup of coffee and took a 10 minute tour of the boat. The time passed quickly and we were soon in Tallinn. After we left Helsinki there really wasn’t much to see except for an occasional island or outcropping of rock. Early ships might have had problems navigating around these obstacles.

Before I went outside to catch a taxi, I decided to make one more “pit stop”. I found a men’s room and as I walked in I thought it odd that the restroom had blue lighting. As it turned out, I read later that more restrooms are using blue light so that people who inject drugs can’t find a vein. Who knew?

The taxi ride to the hotel was quick and quite inexpensive. The taxi driver did me a favor by letting me out early due to traffic congestion and I could easily walk the rest of the way rather than continue to pay a higher fare. He received a nice tip from me.

The hotel had upgraded my room. Though I did ask if there was going to be any weddings during my stay. The front desk staff said since my room is on the 11th floor and the banquet rooms are on the first and second floors, there shouldn’t be a problem. (They didn’t answer me about the weddings.) When I reached my room it was certainly an upgrade. A large one bedroom suite and it was a corner room too, which gives me about 270 degree view of the city. It was located at the end of a hall and the door was around the corner from the main hallway. Three doors between my bed and the hallway. The housekeeping staff can make all the noise they want in the morning. I’ll definitely sleep though it. (I’ve written before about noisy housekeeping staff who forget that guests are behind many of the doors, and some of us sleep in late on occasion.)

The trip left me exhausted and I proceeded to take a two hour nap. When I woke I knew that I had to find something to eat, since my last meal was at 7:00 a.m. I went down the hall to the Executive Lounge to see what they were serving and I wasn’t interested. I went to a nearby mall, via a very nice city park, and found in the mall a nice hamburger place. I stopped by a store on the way back to the hotel and bought a few snacks (whole wheat crackers and yogurt). I was set for the evening.

I managed to write yesterday’s travel blog update and watch two episodes of “The Flash” and by 10:30 I was more than ready for bed.

While I’d like to visit the old town of Tallinn tomorrow, I may just stay in and rest. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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