Thursday, 23 August 2018

Hilton Hotel Helsinki (Kalastajatorpantie 1)

I definitely have a cold of some sort. Scratchy throat and cough for now. At some point I’ll invest in a box of Kleenex for the runny nose. I generally don’t have a cough, but since I don’t get sick that often, sometimes hard to remember.

Bed rest is the best thing I can do for a cold. And drink water. This pretty much sums up today for me. Though I did walk to a nearby store to pick up supplies. Also bought tomorrow’s ferry ticket to Tallin. I’m looking forward to that!

For dinner I ordered a cheeseburger. I was in bed by 11:00.

I’ll stay at a new Hilton in Tallinn. The staff in this hotel says it is really nice. Hopefully I’ll get a really nice room. Guess I’ll see when I get there.

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