Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Hilton Hotel Helsinki (Kalastajatorpantie 1)

I may have jinxed myself. A few days ago it occurred to me that its been a long time since I’ve had a cold. This morning I’m feeling a bit run down and may have a scratchy throat. Then I needed to blow my nose. Regardless, I’m going to walk around Helsinki today and look for the church with the tall steeple that I saw from the harbor tour boat the other day.

When I got off the tram at one of the downtown stops I started to look up the name of the church. I kind of knew where it was located. Eventually I found the church and started to walk towards it according to my phone’s GPS. Another great day for walking! I sort of followed the directions but took some detours along the way. I wasn’t in any rush.

When I arrived at the location I couldn’t find the church. Ah, there it was. Hidden behind some trees. I found the following information about Mikael Agricola (Lutheran) Church. From Wiki: “The church is made of red bricks. The tower of the church is 97 meters high, the top reaching up to 103 meters above sea level. The 30-meter spike of the tower can be retracted if necessary as it fits inside the tower structure. This was done in the Winter War and the Continuation War so that the tower wouldn’t act as a navigational aid to enemy bombers.” 

I didn’t bother going inside the church. Just want to take a few pictures of the steeple. Imagine, a retractable steeple. I knew there would be something interesting about this church.

Now I really am feeling sluggish. I found a tram going back to the center of the city where I bought some snacks at a market then visited a Chinese restaurant buffet for a quick meal. Then took the tram back to the hotel. I definitely needed to lie down.

I felt a little better after the nap and ate a few of the snacks. Don’t think I’ll have dinner. After updating my blog and pictures I watched an episode of “The Flash” before my scheduled call with Corrine at 11:00. We were able to make reservations at Littlecote for the first two days she is in England. As it turned out I made one reservation then had to re-do the other. In the end, we have confirmed reservations. Success!

After we hung up I watched another “Flash” then fell asleep. I doubt it I’ll do much tomorrow. Sleep helps get me through my colds so I’ll do that. I will need to make the reservation for my ferry ride from Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia for Friday – then more sleep.

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