Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Bergen, Norway (Strandgaten 201)

Today I’m joining a fjord tour that will take us by boat up one of the nearby fjords. Not sure what to expect, but I’m ready for anything. The weather is a bit rough, but that may only enhance what we’ll see today.

The tour was scheduled to depart at 10:00 a.m. from a dock in the nearby harbor. I found the boat easily and then looked for a seat in the main cabin. It was a bit stuffy in the cabin area so I thought going on the top desk might be interesting, if not refreshing, given the showery weather.

I had dressed for colder weather and had my waterproof parka on. The top deck was fine with me. Better view too! Within a few minutes our boat was launched and our tour had begun. I wiped away water on a bench, sat down and enjoyed the ride.

Following the map below, we progressed up to Askoy (north of Bergen) and passed Salbus, then under a bridge near Knarvik before entering the fjord.  (See Vikanes and Mo on the map below – the name of fjord is not named.)

There were only about 20 of us who braved being on the top deck as we passed under the Nordhordland Bridge and into the waters leading to the fjord. It was soon after that when the walls of the mountains began to form around us. I realized that this reminded me of the Columbia River Gorge where I grew up.

I enjoyed seeing small groups of homes along the way. Also homes by themselves and wondered who might live there. I could see that you could get there by car, but back in the early days they relied on ferry boats that traveled these waters. I posted many pictures in my pictures blog. (Link below.)

After awhile I went below to the main cabin and found a seat near the bow of the boat where I could get a good view for the remainder of the trip. (And stay dry.) It was a seating area of five and one woman was sitting near the window and I took a seat by the aisle. Soon her husband came over and sat next to her and two women then sat across from us. As it turned out all of us were from the U.S. The couple next to me were from Florida but she was originally from Istanbul and he was originally from Budapest and migrated to the U.S. The two women across from us were from L.A. and were a mother and daughter. We talked for quite a while as we passed the scenery on our tour.

Every so often we were alerted to a photo opportunity area and were permitted out to the bow of the boat to take pictures. One of our stops was near a waterfall where one of the deck hands, with bucket, collected water from the falls for passengers to drink. I guess some people have never tasted fresh water and was interesting to see them lined up for a drink.

It was an enjoyable tour that lasted only three hours, which was enough for me for one day. Glad to have met new people along the way. That always makes for an interesting time to hear about travel adventures from others.

Since I got up early this morning I was ready for a nap when I returned to the flat. I updated the blog and added pictures after I woke. I decided to walk down to the seafood market and buy crab for a crab omelet later. I found two large claws. Perfect!

The crab omelet turned out very well and also had asperigus with this meal. When  finished, I was full since I used three eggs in the omelet. I went to bed early so I could be at the bus depot early in the morning for my all-day tour. I had faith that the all-day tour would work out well, knowing that I was committed to the tour and there was no turning back now. Onward!

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