Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Bergen, Norway (Strandgaten 201)

Today I planned to take the funicular train up to Fløyen Mountain that overlooks Bergen. And it was a perfect day to do this. Cool and clear was the weather forecast. Yesterday was nice here and today as well. From what I understand, two sunny days in a row is rare.

Before going up to Fløyen Mountain, I took my time walking around Bergen and getting to know the city a bit better. Beautifully preserved homes and buildings everywhere. Along the way I made reservations for two fjord tours. One tomorrow (3 hours) and the other on Thursday (12 hours).

The line for tickets and then to board the funicular was long. It took almost an hour to board the train-line vehicle that would take us up the mountain. I was practicing my patience skills waiting in line. The ride up the hill took less than five minutes and before you knew it you were standing outside looking at a postcard-perfect 180 degree view of Bergen and its surroundings. The view made the waiting in line well worth it.

I took a number of pictures of the city below and then ate lunch at the restaurant located at the top of the mountain. I ordered a shrimp sandwich and a local IPA beer. My table was next to a window and could see the view from where I was eating lunch. I definitely took my time eating and looking out the window.

After snapping a few more pictures and walking around a bit more it was time to wait in line for the return trip down the mountain. The line for going down didn’t seem as long as the one going up. Mainly because a number of people opted to walk down the hill rather than take the funicular.

Once I reached the bottom of the mountain I took pictures of the harbor and walked around to see more of this beautiful location. There was an open air food market and carts. Everything smelled great but I was already full from lunch. So many varieties of fish and shellfish. If you like seafood, this is the place to be.

When I returned to the flat I did the usual nap, food shopping, travel blog, then made a hamburger patty and asparagus for dinner. Watched more of “The Flash” then bed. Tomorrow I take the three hour tour to one of the nearby fjords just north of Bergen.

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