Sunday, 12 August 2018

Oslo, Norway (Brekkelia 3A)

Today I visited the Oslo’s harbor area again. The weather was perfect – low 70’s and mostly sunny. When I arrived at the harbor it was filled with people enjoying the beautiful Sunday afternoon like I was. I took more pictures of Oslo on my ride into downtown and more when I arrived at the harbor.

My only planned activity was to take a ferry over to one of the museums across the harbor. There were two sets of museums but only the one with the Viking boat was of interest. I paid the fare for a ticket then walked over to a food cart and ordered a spring roll with a peanut sauce while I waited for the next ferry.

When I stepped on to the ferry I walked towards the boat’s stern where it was partially open and I could feel the breeze and also have a better view of the harbor. It was a short ride and I disembarked at the ferry’s first stop.

It was a 10 minute walk from the ferry dock to the museum. During this short distance I would assume I was walking through an affluent part of Oslo. Large well-maintained homes (mostly all where painted white) were on each side of the street. When I arrived at the museum I could see inside there was a restored boat and found that there was an admission charge as well. From what I could see it looked like a similar exhibit to one I saw in Iceland, so I decided I’d rather walk around this part of town than view the exhibit.

I walked back down to ferry dock and waited for the next ride back to the harbor. I was just enjoying the day and didn’t care if I saw a museum or not. When I returned I walked a little more around the harbor and noticed that most every restaurant was full. Which reminded me, I needed to pick up something for tonight’s dinner. When I got to the Coop store it was closed. At 6:00 p.m.? Then I checked my phone and looked up the other Coop stores in Oslo and found that all of the stores had closed early. Then I remembered that this happened in Stockholm last Sunday, probably to honor a “Blue Sunday” tradition. Guess I better come up with a “Plan B” and figure out what I’m having for dinner.

I wasn’t interested in sitting in a restaurant, considering most of them were already filled. I decided to take the tram back to the Central Station and see what they had to eat in one of the many fast food establishments. When I got there I could see Burger King was open, but for whatever reason, I opted for two slices of pizza from a 7-11 type store. And two soft-dough buns and a quart of milk.

When I got home I ate one slice of pizza while I worked on my travel blog, then I took a nap. I finished the other slice then watched a couple of episodes of “The Flash”.

Tomorrow I leave for Bergen, Norway. I’m in good shape to be out of the flat by 10:30 to ensure I’m at the airport on time.

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