Saturday, 11 August 2018

Oslo, Norway (Brekkelia 3A)

After breakfast and a shower I left the flat and took the bus into the downtown area of Oslo. The bus ride takes about 20 minutes and during this time I’m planning in more detail what I intend to do over the next few hours. I truly do not do a lot of research beforehand. I pick one or two places to visit and then decide what else I might want to see.

Today I needed to have a document printed for me to sign, then have it scanned to the attorney’s office and mail the original copy. This wouldn’t be an issue in Portland, I could go to a UPS or FedEx store, but here I’m not so sure of where to go. I’m hoping the main library in Oslo would be able to help me out. So that is my first stop – Oslo’s public library.

The public library was much smaller than what I expected. I walked up to the information desk with hat-in-hand and asked if they could print off one page for me. I said I wasn’t a member but was happy to hear that I could use one of their computers. I asked about scanning and they said they could help with that too. Excellent!

Within 15 minutes I had the page printed that I needed to sign, signed and dated it, then received help to have it scanned and emailed to me. Done! I thanked the fellow who helped me and I was on my way to the post office.

The post office wasn’t more than a 10 minute walk away. I selected an envelope, dropped in the original signed and dated page, and the postal clerk affixed the proper postage on the envelope. I paid for the envelop and postage and I was done.

Having this task out of the way I was free to walk down to the harbor. Oslo’s harbor seems to attract visitors and locals alike. It is very open, many nearby shops, great restaurants and the view of the water and nearby hills is terrific.

On the way to the harbor I stopped by the area near the university and the main theater building. Both are next to the National Gallery that I visited yesterday. Up the hill is the royal palace, but I doubt if I’ll visit that while I’m here.

For the next hour or so I just walked around the harbor and quickly visited the Nobel Peace Center. I wrapped up my walk by doing some grocery shopping in the nearby Coop store, then caught the tram to the Central Station then took the bus the rest of the way back to my flat.

I spoke with Cousin Donna after I returned to the flat to let her know to expect papers for her and her sister to sign. Soon her brother’s estate will be settled and I look forward to having a conversation with her without having to talk about questions with the estate. We really enjoy each other’s company.

I finished the chicken noodle soup then prepared french toast for tomorrow’s breakfast. I like the bread to soak up the egg mixture overnight. It was bedtime after watching more of “The Flash”.

Tomorrow I will return to the harbor and take a ferry over to one of the museums. I also need to prepare for my trip to Bergen on Monday.

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