Thursday, 9 August 2018

Oslo, Norway (Brekkelia 3A)

I’m really starting to like living in this flat. Perhaps because the weather is cooler and having no problem sleeping because of the heat. I was concerned about the weather for today, but after I looked outside and saw clear blue skies, I think today will be perfect for a Segway tour.

My tour was scheduled to start at 2:00 so I had plenty of time to get ready and getting to the starting location. I hadn’t bought a bus pass so I was concerned if I got caught on my way to central Oslo I’d have to pay a hefty fine. Once I was close to the city center I got off the bus and walked to the Central Station to buy a bus pass.

While I was at the ticket center I talked with a couple from Santa Barbara. They both commented about the heat up here in Scandinavia. I found it odd that they would comment about the heat. (I won’t write any more about the heat – think I’ve said enough.)

After I got my bus pass I walked towards the Segway tour office. Along the way I had a quick bite to eat. From a corner coffee shop I ordered an avocado and cucumber wrap – also an iced latte. I sat outside to eat my lunch and people watched before walking the rest of the way to the Segway office.

An absolutely perfect day. Timing is everything! I knew that today’s tour would be exceptional.

This was either by 8th or 9th time on a Segway for me and I’m learning what to ask before we start the tour. I confirmed that this will be a guided tour and not a ride through Oslo. Also asked about the length of the tour and how much of the tour would be devoted to practicing to ride the Segway vs. the actual tour. Also to confirm how many stops to take pictures and to rest. I’m not surprised that the tour guides always remember my name.

We first “glided” (the term for riding a Segway) to the nearby harbor and stopped there to hear about Oslo’s early history. The harbor, which is actually a fjord, played a key role in Oslo, and thereby Norway’s, history. It is not a myth that the early Norwegians, Swedish and Danish people were rough and hardy, but they were also interested in expanding their trading opportunities and gaining new territories.

Our guide, who spoke excellent English, was able to give us a good history lesson about the early Norwegian people. We covered a lot of ground during our tour. It was easy to get around the mainly flat surfaces. Because the weather was so nice, many people were out enjoying the sun so getting through the crowds was a little difficult at times.

The 90 minute tour went by quickly and we were back at the Segway office at 4:00. I took my time walking to the Central Station to catch the bus back to the flat. I stopped and picked up a couple of food items from the Coop store in the station and sat in the station’s square before I board the bus.

Once back at the flat, I did a load of wash and ran the dishwasher as well. After writing my daily blog entry I realized it was time to call Corrine. She had asked if we could talk at 10:00 p.m. (1:00 p.m. in Oregon) to start making plans for her visit in September.

I think we settled on reserving a week to tour outside of London then about a week in London. Traveling to see Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Bristol, Wales, Osborn Palace, and the Channel Islands will take up the better part of a week, if not a few more days. She will check out flights to London and I will put together a spreadsheet to map out or itinerary.

Tomorrow I’m planning to visit the National Gallery. Our tour guide today highly recommended it.

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