Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Oslo, Norway (Brekkelia 3A)

The bed in this Airbnb flat is very comfortable! Almost as nice as the one in the flat when I visited Iceland. Even the sofa lends itself to a place where you can take a nap. Given these excellent sleeping options, think I’ll like it here. As promised, it is quiet here, but almost too quiet. But I’ll take too quiet over too noisy.

For a number of months, I find myself getting up between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. and ready for a cup of coffee. While drinking my coffee I read the news on my laptop then go back to bed if I don’t have anything going on in the morning. Seems to suit me so I’ll keep it up this routine.

I woke up a couple of hours later this morning to rain. A good steady rain. I decided to stay indoors and get settled in. Now that it is daylight, I finally found the light switches for the kitchen. They are located near the kitchen ceiling, almost hidden next to a shelf with a few plants.

Today I’m planning on roasting a chicken, so before I go grocery shopping I need to see what I need to buy and to see if there is a roasting pan for the chicken. There were actually two roasting dishes, which is rare in most Airbnbs. Once I completed my inventory I walked over to a nearby Coop store.

I’ve noticed that it takes a fair amount of effort to learn how to live in new surroundings. You’d think finding light switches would be easy, but it seems every place had its own personality. Some are easier to adapt to and others, at first, can be a pain in the neck. The first day is always the most challenging. But then again, I like to be challenged.

The nearby Coop store is modest in size but had everything I needed. Was concerned about finding a chicken to roast, but found a couple to select from in a refrigerator cabinet. Surprisingly, there was a good selection of fruit and vegetables too. After this shopping trip I should be well-stocked for the next few days.

While working on my travel blog I prepared the chicken for the oven. I went back and forth between my laptop and the kitchen to finish dinner and complete updating the last two days of travel adventures. During this process I noticed that there was something wrong with the web application that manages my pictures and found out that others in Europe were have the same issues, so I’ll do picture updates tomorrow.

I’m trying to introduce more dark green vegetables into my diet. Tonight I had spinach with my chicken and potatoes. My diet when I was in Stockholm was terrible. As I mentioned before, the kitchen in Stockholm didn’t lend itself to fixing a good meal. A steady diet of peanut butter sandwiches and Big Macs was easy, but probably not so good for this senior citizen.

In other news, I had heard from my friend Corrine who is planning to come over in September. Now to figure out our travel plans. I’m excited! We got along so well when she joined me last December. Also looking forward to meeting up with Paula, if she can be here in December this year. Great that I’ve found people who have similar interests and are good travel buddies.

Watched a few more “The Flash” episodes last night while texting with friends. By 11:30 I was ready for sleep.

Tomorrow I have scheduled a Segway tour of Oslo. I’ve been keeping an eye on tomorrow’s weather forecast. The forecast earlier called for rain then it changed to partly cloudy with a chance of rain and the latest said it was going to be sunny. As in Oregon, I’ll wake up and plan accordingly based on what I see out the window.

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