Sunday, 5 August 2018

Stockholm, Sweden (Götgatan 78)

Thankfully the weather is cooling down. Perhaps not as quickly as I’d like, but I saw that the temperature was going to be in the mid-70’s, with a chance of a thunder shower later in the afternoon.

Today I planned a visit to the ABBA Museum. I’d almost forgot that ABBA was probably the best known export from Sweden. The museum has only been open since 2015, but it has proved to be a favorite of visitors to Stockholm and I’m sure of Swedish people too.

I looked up how to get to the museum and was happy to find out that one of the ways is to go by ferry. I knew there were many ferry boats transporting people to the various Stockholm islands and now this was my chance to take a ride on one of them. I saw that it left from Slussen.

For lunch I bought a Big Mac near the nearby Metro stop and after I finished the burger I bought a ticket at the Metro station. The ticket would be good for one trip and would include a Metro ride to Slussen and also the Ferry ride to Allmanna grand, where the museum is located.

I hadn’t realized that the Slussen dock for the ferry is not next to the Slussen Metro stop, so I walked across the bridge to Gamla Stan to meet up with the ferry. After I confirmed that my one-way ticket was valid, I hopped on board the ferry. It only took 8 minutes to get to Allmanna grand and everyone got off.

The stop also serves Grona Lund, the Stockholm amusement park. There were many parents with their children who got off the ferry with me. I could see clouds rolling into the area but wasn’t concerned since I was going to be in the  museum.

While I liked to listen to ABBA music, I really wasn’t that familiar with their story of how they became successful. I knew that they won the Euro-vision contest in the early 70’s and that they have stopped performing for over 30 years. That was about it. When I visited The Beatles museum in Liverpool I knew their background story quite well.

Because I wasn’t that familiar with the ABBA story I guess the museum layout wasn’t easy for me to figure out. The first room was a video of their early years and subsequent tours, followed by the Euro-vision contest exhibit, gold records were everywhere, their costumes, and rooms recreated with artifacts from their career. The most fun was to watch museum guests get up on a stage with 3-D videos of ABBA performing their greatest hits. A person could sign up to perform with them, sort of like karaoke. You saw the guest on stage and then ABBA would appear and then the music would start. The guest would sign along with ABBA and a recording of their performance would be made available to them. I took some pictures and added them to my picture blog.

After I left the museum I felt that I’d seen what I came to see. I learned more about ABBA and plan to return to my flat and listen to a few of their songs. When I got outside I noticed that a thunderstorm was going to happen sometime very soon. I went to the ferry dock and got on board the next ferry back to Gamla Stan. Just after we left the dock it started to rain and I could hear the thunder. The waters were getting a little rough. The ferry made one stop during the down pour and almost everyone who got off there didn’t have an umbrella. I’m sure they were soaked by the time they got to wherever they were going.

Thankfully, by the time the boat arrived in Gamla Stan, the rain became a light shower. I could deal with that. I walked back over to the Slussen Metro station and took the train to the Medborgarplatsen stop which is only a few block away from where I was staying. I stopped by the IGA store before returning to the flat.

I had a quick snack of bread topped with peanut butter and raspberry jelly that I bought at the IGA. That was going to be my dinner. Nice to return to the flat without being drenched in perspiration (or rain).

After I woke from my nap I updated my travel blog, cleaned the flat and settled in to watch more of “The Flash”. I’m sure I’ll get a good night’s sleep now that the flat was cooled off. As I was writing my blog I could hear a group of men singing songs from their football team and other favorites they liked to sing. They had quite a repertoire of songs and most seemed to know the words. Even though I’m on the 21st floor, sounds from the street (and local bars) are very clear to me up here. Thankfully, the football club men moved on – or they ran out of songs to sing.

Tomorrow I’m going on a Segway tour in Gamla Stan. I’m looking forward to learning more about Stockholm’s history.  And to ride a Segway.

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