Saturday, 4 August 2018

Stockholm, Sweden (Götgatan 78)

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Stockholm today. The weather looks more mild than previous days. The forecast showed that we might have a thunderstorm in the afternoon so I hurried to get ready and left the flat.

I’m taking the Metro to the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, the venue for the 1912 games. It is located in the Ladugårdsgärdet area of Stockholm. I walked down to the Slussen station (the station one stop beyond Medborgarplatsen, the nearest station to me) so I could see more of my neighborhood and took the Metro from there to the Stadion (Stadium) station.

The temperature inside the Metro cars was like being in a sauna. Almost unbearable. When I arrived at the stadium station, I was ready to get out. Was nice in the station because it was much cooler. So I just hung around the underground station until I was cooled off, then went above ground to start exploring.

After walking around I was getting hungry and surprised myself by buying a hot dog in a 7-11 store. Something I’d never do in the U.S. But I saw a few people leave a nearby 7-11 with hot dogs, and they looked good. Why not?

I sat down in a nearby park and enjoyed the hot dog and a liter of water. It was very good. I try not to think about what’s in the hot dog and pretend that wasn’t made from anything that was once living. It was just food that smelled and tasted good.

The area that I found myself in has a number of park-like settings and apartment houses. No individual residences. Glad I had a chance to see some homes in Gothenburg, but being in the middle of a large city, there are probably few homes. At least I haven’t seen any so far.

After walking around for about an hour I noticed clouds were gathering and expected that a thunderstorm was forming. After about 15 minutes I felt the first few drops. It was time to go home before I got caught in it without an umbrella.

Just as I entered the flat about 30 minutes later it started to rain and could hear some very loud thunder. Was interesting looking out over the city and seeing where it was raining. This went on for almost an hour.

For dinner I had another Big Mac (which has now replaced the two cheese burgers) and then a few slices of bread with peanut butter. I’m still not interested in cooking. The kitchen area in the flat looks like it might have come from an RV or trailer. I’ll save my cooking for my next Airbnb flat, which looks like it has a real kitchen.

I can’t fault this flat for the bed. It is very comfortable and I seem to sleep well in it. I still cringe when I think about the hard futon I slept on in Prague. At least this heat hasn’t affected my sleep. Because of the “warm” reception I’ve received in Scandinavia this summer I’m thinking that I’ll stay in Edinburgh next summer. It doesn’t seem to have many days with high temperatures – even when London is warm.

I’m still watching “The Flash” at night. I have another season to watch so think this will be my go-to entertainment for the next week or so.

Tomorrow I’m visiting one of Stockholm’s major tourist attractions: The ABBA Museum.

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