Friday, 3 August 2018

Stockholm, Sweden (Götgatan 78)

The weather was a little cooler today, so much so, I’m planning to walk to Gamla Stan, an old part of Stockholm, dating from the 13th century and contains Sweden’s Royal Castle. I was thinking about a Segway tour today, but the one place that I called said they were fully booked so I decided to walk instead.

Gamla Stan is only a 25 minute walk from my flat. I took an indirect route so I could see more of the city. This route lead me through several parks and a number of interesting side streets.

Stockholm has many, what I would call, “city islands” that are connected by bridges on the surface and below ground by their subway system. I had no idea that there were so many islands that composed this city. Today I’m going from my island, Sodermalm to Gamla Stan (which is actually a collection of three islands). Soldermalm is described as follows: “Sprawling Södermalm island has a relaxed, creative vibe, with artsy shops, eclectic cafes and the stylish Fotografiska, a contemporary photo gallery in a former industrial building by the water. Classic Swedish restaurants and hip breakfast spots surround leafy Nytorget Square and dot the bustling Hornstull area. In summer, the small beaches in Tantolunden park are popular for swimming and picnics.” 

Once I arrived in Gamla Stan from the bridge that connects the two islands, I walked up through one of its main streets. This is where you can experience the ancient cobble stone pavement that follows streets that defiantly don’t follow a grid pattern, like most old medieval towns. After I was walking around, I remembered that the Segway tour place that I called earlier was located somewhere nearby, so I decided to visit them.

The company that owns the Segway tours also runs other tours, so I had to call again to verify the address because the name of the company on the front door didn’t match the name of the tour company. They have few walk in customers. From what I gather, most people book tours over the phone or online. Fortunately they had an opening for Monday so I booked a tour for 10:00. Glad I stopped by.

From there it was a short walk up to the old Royal Palace. This is the official residence and is something like Buckingham Palace meets the Tower of London, but Sweden’s royal family no longer live in the palace. The palace contains a number of the state rooms and is also a museum.

It was time for a break and found a cafe in the middle of the large interior square within the palace. I ordered a water and an apple strudel, which really isn’t Swedish, but it looked good. Found a shady place to eat and relax.

After the strudel, I walked around the palace and decided to come back on Monday after my Segway tour for a longer visit. By this time it was time to walk back to the flat. I’ll took a different route back. It was now getting very warm and I was starting to perspire heavily.

It was a good walk, though I still was very hot and tired. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when the weather will be more cooler than today. I guess because of the heat, I’m still not ready to cook in the flat and would rather order a Big Mac and leave it at that.

I’m really getting into this new series that I’m watching on Netflix. Tonight it was nice to have a cool place in the evening, rather than the “sauna” for the past couple of days. I was able to get to bed by midnight.

Tomorrow I’ll plan a walking trip to another part of the city. Probably up towards the Stockholm Stadium.

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