Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Stockholm, Sweden (Götgatan 78)

The forecast called for more hot weather for the next couple of days. As for me, I needed to take a break from the weather and stay inside. At least I have a couple of fans running and a bit of a breeze coming in through the windows. Who knew that Sweden can be so warm? The projected temperature was 90 today.

Also, being on the 21st floor, I have a great view of Stockholm and have added a few pictures in my picture blog (link below) showing the view. The flat is very basic and not at all like the well-appointed place I stayed in Gothenburg. Guess I got a little spoiled there. But I’ll make do with what I have, like I always do. Another adventure!

I was surprised I slept so much during the day. With the windows open I heard all of the traffic, which you would think would keep me awake. Guess it didn’t. When I got up I washed up with a washcloth and felt pretty good. I snacked on bread and peanut butter throughout the day. Had a bowl of Special K for breakfast.

Around 5:00 I decided I should go outside now that the sun wasn’t directly overhead and it was beginning to cool slightly. I bought some orange juice and picked up a Big Mac for dinner. Not in the mood to cook anything. The McDonald’s was very warm inside, like all of the stores (so far) that I’ve been into. This hot weather is very unusual for Stockholm. So far Copenhagen and Gothenburg were very warm or hot – and now Stockholm is hot as well, but it’s expected to drop into the mid 70’s later in the week.

After I took another nap I was ready to write up three days of travel blog entries and also post a few pictures. That felt good to get that out of the way.

Not sure what I’m doing tomorrow. If it turns out to be as warm as it is today, I’ll stay inside again. I don’t see a need to walk around feeling miserable and trying to enjoy it. I’ll be here until next Tuesday and there will be plenty of time for exploring the city when it cools down a bit.

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