Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden (Inägogatan 21)

As usual, I was up very early this morning to start preparing to leave Gothenburg for Stockholm. Though 4:00 a.m. is even too early for me. After 30 minutes I was able to return to bed for a few more hours of sleep.

It was my pleasure to restore the flat to how I found it last week. When I stay at a place that is well-kept by the owner, I want to leave it as perfect as possible out of respect. And I’m happy to do so.

My goal was to leave the flat at 9:30 and I was out of there shortly after that. When I got to the nearby tram station, for whatever reason, I took the first tram that arrived into the city. In this case it was the #5 tram rather than the #6. My Google Maps said it would get me to Central Station but I must not have noticed that it didn’t stop at Nordstan (where the #6 stops) but at another nearby station. I knew that I didn’t get off soon enough, so I needed to take another tram back to the Central Station. (This is why I leave early when I travel.)

As it turned out, I was at the bus terminal in time to get a small refund from my Gothenburg travel card and buy a ticket to the airport before the airport bus left the terminal. I was at the airport in plenty of time to make my flight.

I booked the air travel from Norwegian Air, who I used once before when I flew from New York City to London. This time, I used a machine to check in. The machine used for check-in prints the tag for the luggage and a boarding pass. It took me awhile to figure out how to peal off and apply the luggage tag to my suitcase. (Wanted to make sure it didn’t fall off.) Then I wheeled my suitcase to the check-in counter and asked for assistance to ensure I placed the luggage tag on correctly. Also, to get a boarding pass, that I forgot to get when I checked in at the previous machine. I’m flying Norwegian Air on three more flights and will take what I’ve learned here so I can do the check-in process myself next time.

While waiting for boarding I bought a yogurt, a water and a Snickers bar. It wasn’t long before boarding started and we were efficiently welcomed to board and we were all on the plane in less than 15 minutes. Very impressive!  I noted that the plane was to depart at 1:30 and we were in the air at exactly 1:30. Also, as I was climbing up the stairs into the plane, I saw my suitcase loaded into the cargo hold at the same time.

After we landed in Stockholm I opened the instructions from my Airbnb host. He said to take the green line to the flat. (The Stockholm airport is very large.) I asked for directions and found that I first needed to get to Stockholm’s Central Station from the airport, then follow the instructions. For a person landing in Stockholm, let me say, it wasn’t clear how to get into Stockholm. But with a little assistance, I eventually found myself on the train into Stockholm. The Central Station there was about the same as the airport. Very large and many people. Was much easier to find the Green line and to get off at the stop near my Stockholm flat.

The remaining instruction from my Airbnb host were easy to follow and I found myself in the flat soon after leaving the station. I walked in the door hot and very tired. While I have a great view of the city from the 21st floor, the flat was quite a change from where I was staying in Gothenburg. A little cluttered, cheap furnishings, and much smaller. And it was very hot. So the first thing I did was open all the windows and turn on the two fans. (The fans were very much appreciated!)

When it became cool enough I took a nap. I was very hungry when I woke so I walked to a nearby Coop store and bought a few things to eat. Included was a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter.

I was able to hook up my Apple TV and enjoy the cool breeze from the open windows while watching TV and relaxing. It wasn’t too long after that I went to bed.

No plans for tomorrow. It is going to be another warm day, so I’ll wait to see what I feel like after getting a good nights sleep.

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