Monday, 30 July 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden (Inägogatan 21)

When I left the flat around noon I headed first to the Central Station to find out about transport to the airport. At the station there is a terrific information counter that I’ve used before. They directed me to gate #29 in the bus terminal, which is connected to the train station, where I’ll find a ticket machine to buy a ticket for the airport. When I arrived at the ticket machine, I was unable to get it to provide me instructions in English. As I was going through the instructions a terminal employee came along at the right time and helped me out. He said it would be best if I would purchase a ticket tomorrow. Buses run every 20 minutes from the termianl to the airport. Perfect!

Next was to get a pedicure. It is always a roll of the dice to see what the salon is like when I arrive to schedule an appointment. I selected a place not too far from the Central Station that received good ratings from Google reviewers. The place was called Asia Nail and when I walked in, it looked like everyone who worked there was Asian. Not only that, the person who I spoke with to make an appointment didn’t speak English. A customer translated for me and I was to come back in 30 minutes.

I walked to a nearby coffee shop and ordered an iced coffee. While sitting there I made a reservation for a Segway tour and also called the Stockholm U.S. embassy. I have a 4:00 tour with the Segway tour company but couldn’t reach anyone at the embassy.

After 30 minutes I walked over to Asia Nails for my appointment. They sat me in a chair while I waited for the pedicurist to arrive. The pedicurist didn’t speak any English but seemed to know what I wanted. Through some hand gestures I gave a few instructions along the way but overall I was very satisfied with the results. When it came time to pay, and I should have asked earlier, but found that they only take cash. I left a credit card with her while I looked for an ATM. It took about 10 minutes for me to return and we settled the bill and I got my credit card back.

It was almost time for the Segway tour and I needed to find a toilet. The large Nordstan mall was on my way to the Segway tour place so I dropped in there. I really hadn’t been through the mall and was surprised how vast it was. The restroom, as it turned out, was in the direction that I needed to go for my Segway appointment.

I arrive at 3:45 as requested for my Segway tour at the Lilla Bommen harbor. The tour company operated out of a small storefront near one of the docks. The three of us who were on this tour could practice our Segway skills before the tour started. After our guide was satisfied that we did pose a risk for ourselves or others we started the tour.

The other two people on the tour were a father and son who were visiting from Norway. I followed the tour guide because I knew that I would have questions along the way, which I did. The problem was, the guide knew very little about specific buildings or Gothenburg history. And he was from Gothenburg? The tour consisted of riding the Segways through Gothenburg, without explanation from the guide. Which is fine with me because I just kept asking questions of the guide.

I enjoyed looking at the various architecture of the city during the tour and we went through Slottsskogen, a very large park in the city – previously deer hunting land. Beautiful park! I should have asked for the tour guide to stop more often to take pictures, but I was fine covering more territory around the city rather than taking pictures.

The tour guide was able to answer one question. I asked about the Lilla Bommen building, or sometimes known as “The Lipstick”. The tour guide at least knew about this building, which is one of the more famous in the city. Other than Gothenburg history, what I did learn from the tour guide is that his family visited the west coast of the U.S. last year, drove through Portland, and is an Economics major in college. We also talked about tariffs, politics, the weather and travel.

After completing the tour my legs were like jello, which is common for most Segway riders. I was very tired and looked forward to returning to the flat, taking a shower, and then a nap.

I fixed my last meal in the flat and did some preliminary packing, including a load of wash, before watching the last of the Victoria series.

Tomorrow I leave for Stockholm. I plan to leave the flat at 9:30 a.m. so I have time to clean the flat, pack and get a ticket for the bus ride to the airport.

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