Saturday, 28 July 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden (Inägogatan 21)

The heat yesterday really affected my sleep and my energy. It is still a bit warm today so I’ll take it easy and nap when I can to make up for the sleep lost last night.

I should be filling in some of the gaps in my travel plan, but I’m not ready I guess. Maybe tomorrow when it is expected to be much cooler. Had a tremendous downpour this afternoon. I had to close up the windows to make sure rain didn’t get inside the flat. I could hear thunder rumbling in the distance but no lightning visible, probably because it was in the afternoon.

Today I received news that the fire around my uncle and aunt’s ranch seems to be under control. And from what I can tell there has been no loss of lives or livestock, but I’m sure many wheat fields were burned before they could be harvested.

Was good to talk with Paula again today. We vowed to talk more often. Who knows when we will meet up again. Perhaps this coming December or I might house sit for her some time next year while she visits Europe. More planning in our future.

Earlier I bought some chicken so I fried it in butter for dinner along with boiled potatoes and green peas. I usually use olive oil but tonight I used butter. I’m looking forward to walking more to maintain my weight. But need to find a place where it isn’t so hot. As for next summer, I will stay somewhere so I can avoid the heat. I can’t be in the heat as much as I was this year.

Tonight I’m watching the first season of Victoria again. I finished with Downton Abbey last night. The weather forecast for tomorrow says that it will be in the 70’s, which will be good weather to catch up on sleep and do more travel planning.

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