Thursday, 26 July 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden (Inägogatan 21)

I’m finding Gothenburg to be a nice place to just hang around. I find taking the tram into the central part of the city enough for me. From the flat, it is an easy walk to the tram station, then a 15 – 20 minute ride to the Central Station. From there, you can quickly get to most everything.

Today, I will get a haircut and use that as my motivation to look around. I found a number of places to get my hair cut near to the central station. I picked one that received good reviews from Google and decided to go there. It was a five minute walk from the station.

I was greeted when I walked in and took a seat. The barber asked what I wanted, which is nice to hear because there isn’t much you could do with my hair. He spoke enough English to know that I wanted to have my hair to be the same length and agreed on which guide for him to use on his shaver. It took about 10 minutes and I was done. The cost was about $20 and I tipped $2. The local currency, the krona equals .11 US$.

I wandered around for a little bit, ordered a Whopper Jr. from Burger King, then started to return to the flat. Then remembered I needed a few things from the store. I decided to take a bus, rather than the tram to the store. Think I got off the bus too soon and walked the rest of the way to the Coop grocery store. From the store I took a bus up the hill to a stop near my flat.

The heat is really making me a little run down and took a quick nap. I will be phoning Paula later and would like to be awake for that.

Was good to catch up with Paula with a phone call. We plan to talk again on Saturday. Not sure when I will be able to see her again, most likely not until next year. She may visit Europe. We will see.

For dinner I ate more of the chicken salad, updated my blog and watched more of Downton Abbey. It finally started to cool off around midnight and tomorrow is expected to be even warmer than today. I decided to take a ferry to one of the islands that form the southern archipelago just beyond Gothenburg’s harbor. It will be cooler there.

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