Friday, 27 July 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden (Inägogatan 21)

To avoid most of the heat that is forecasted for today, I’m taking a ferry to the island of Vrango. Since the ferry terminal is out in the Gothenburg harbor, the tram ride will take about 45 minutes, knowing it will seem longer if the tram isn’t air conditioned.

The tram that I caught at the nearby station was not air conditioned. I rode on it for eight stops then needed to transfer to another tram that will take me to the ferry terminal. After 15 minutes on the tram I had to get off. It was too warm and I needed some water.

I found a nearby store and bought water and waited at the tram stop for the next tram to arrive. Drinking the water really helped. The next tram wasn’t much cooler than the previous one, but it was cooler. It was another 15 minutes before we reached the ferry terminal.

The person at the terminal’s ticket window recommended that I board without a ticket and to buy one after I board. Am glad I did. The cost for the ticket was $3 rather than $20 if I bought it at the terminal window. I didn’t ask questions, I just confirmed that the ticket is good for a return trip and was told it was.

After we left the port, I hung out in the shade on one side of the ferry. There was a good breeze and I enjoyed the coolness. Inside the ferry there was good seating but it was a bit warm. We stopped at a few islands along the way. Remarkable how the ferry was able to quickly dock, load passengers and be on their way again. Probably from years of practice.

After about 40 minutes we were at the Vrango dock. The island has a little over 200 residents living there. I got off the boat and started walking to the other side of the island, about a 20 minute walk. No hills, but no trees and therefore; no shade. When I arrived the other side, I found many people sunning themselves on the rocks. Beyond the island is Denmark and the North Sea. Large freighters were anchored in the distance.

I stayed there for about 10 minutes before returning to the dock. I would have stayed longer, but no shade. I planned on a quick meal at the little cafe. When I arrived at the cafe I was ready to get out of the sun. Very glad that I’m now wearing a hat full time, otherwise I would have had a very burned head.

The cafe had a good variety of food and ordered a vegan tortilla and a glass of water. I could see that a return ferry was going to leave soon so I quickly finished my meal and got in line to board the return ferry.

I enjoyed the return trip as well. I wouldn’t have minded if the trip was a bit longer, but was good to be out in the open with the cool breeze.

Just before we docked, I decided to arrange an Uber ride back into the city rather than ride in a hot tram. When the driver arrived his air conditioning was on full blast. And it felt real good! I almost fell asleep during the ride to the Central Station.

After a visit to the restroom at the station I caught a tram back to the flat. I can put up with a short tram ride. Not one with 22 stops along the way.

The flat was warm but not too hot. Though opening the doors didn’t do much good. I was able to take a short nap before the heat started to get to me. I made dinner and took a shower before watching the last of Downton Abbey.

While watching Downton Abbey I saw the moon outside. Last night it was a full moon but now it wasn’t. Then I remembered the lunar eclipse. I turned off the lights so I could get a better view. It had been many years since I saw a lunar eclipse. For once, I was grateful that today we had clear skies.

I really had a hard time getting to sleep. I tried, but had to keep getting up because of the heat. I finally sat on the couch and slept in a sitting position. I was that tired! It was after 4:00 a.m. before it was cool enough to sleep in a bed. This is with all the windows and doors open. No breeze and it was still in the high 70’s.

I don’t have anything planned tomorrow, except to sleep, if it is cool enough.



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