Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden (Inägogatan 21)

Glad it cooled down last night so I wasn’t trying to sleep in a warm bedroom. And still cool this morning so kept the windows open and the door to the deck as well. When the sun started to come in through the windows I closed the drapes to keep out the heat.

Today my only sightseeing will be to see the Poseidon statue, which is Gothenburg’s city icon. It isn’t too far away from the central station so it will be easy to take the same tram, that brought me to the flat, back to the station (#6) then find out which tram or bus will take me to the statue.

It wasn’t long before I arrived at the statue and took a few pictures. There was one other person taking a picture, otherwise – there was no one there. Quite a change from the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen.

I was hoping to find a store where I could buy a few items on my way back to the flat, but that was okay that I didn’t find one. I’ll go to the nearest Coop market and they will have everything I need. There is a Coop market just down from where I’m staying so I walked down the hill after I got back to the neighborhood from the central station.

Yes, I enjoyed the store. Especially the air conditioning! Store is not too big and it looks like they carry everything I’d ever need. Today I’ll buy my chicken to roast. I left the store with two bags, each half full. I was looking for wine or vodka while shopping but didn’t see any. I had my suspicions that Sweden might be one of those countries where you buy any alcohol in a state-owned store. Google confirmed this and found that the nearest store was just next door. Very convenient.

I took a bus from the stores back to the flat and put away most of the groceries. I needed to call Cousin Donna to give her an update on her brother’s estate since I heard back from our attorney. We talked for nearly an hour. She told me that she just had breakfast with a couple who just returned from Sweden.

Next, I needed to write up two days of blog entries, so I did that after I took another shower. I also started dinner as well. By the time I finished writing dinner was ready and it was nearly 9:30. Seems like the day goes by fast when you keep busy.

I watched a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey before I headed off to bed. I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing tomorrow. Though one thing I’d like to do is get a hair cut.

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