Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark (8 House, Ørestad)

Today is travel day! My plan was to leave the flat at 10:30 so I’d have time to get to the train station for my journey to Gothenburg, Sweden. I set my alarm for 8:30 the night before but was up a little before that. Guess I planned well, because I was able to finish packing and cleaning the flat by 10:30 and was on my way to Copenhagen’s Central Station.

The variable when I got to the station was redeeming my Metro card at the customer service office. I could imagine that, depending on the number of people, I could be waiting for an hour. While I did wait for over 15 minutes, the person processing the refund was quick and efficient.

My other question was where to board the train – and I had a few questions, such as where do I put my large suitcase. The trains did not have large racks in each car like in other countries. When I showed a conductor my ticket, she pointed me to a train on the other side of the platform. This is where I made my mistake. I should have asked her why I was being directed to another train rather than the one listed on the departure board. This is where I wasn’t patient enough. As I was asking her questions she allowed herself to be interrupted with other passenger’s questions rather than ask them to take their turn. At one point, as two other people trying to get her attention, I asked them to please wait. Finally I went over to the other train.

What I didn’t know (but found out later) is that my ticket was not for the high-speed train, which was the one I was trying to get on. Two people on the new train suggested that I get off at Malmo, Sweden and transfer to a train going to Gothenburg because this train was not headed in that direction. The confusion is a result is that the rail service is managed by two different countries. I learned that even the local people get confused.

In the end, I was slightly delayed but on my way to Gothenburg. I sat back and enjoyed the view. We passed many wheat fields along the way, which reminded me of the awful fires in Oregon near where my uncle and aunt have their ranch. You don’t think of Sweden as being a place that grows lots of wheat, but there it was. After a few hours the train pulled into the Gothenburg station and I got on a city tram headed to my Airbnb location.

I got a little confused because my phone’s GPS directions differed slightly from those given by my host. I was probably a little cautious because of my recent experience with the train. It was a very warm day and pulling a large suitcase only made me warmer. The distance between the tram stop and the flat was about 500 meters and when I arrived I was perspiring.

When I got into the flat I asked the host why it was so warm inside. Didn’t he have the air conditioning on? He gave me a look and said there was no air conditioning. I opened the Airbnb application on my phone and showed him his listing, which clearly stated air conditioning. He offered to cancel the reservation, but I said that I was here now and I’d stay and make the most of it. (Though thinking inside that air conditioning would be really nice.)

It is a very well-decorated, clean, and modern flat. And quiet too. After the Airbnb host left I opened the windows a bit more and it cooled down as the sun set. I made a quick trip to a local store and made a small dinner and watched some TV before going to sleep.

Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow, but I was tired and ready for sleep. I don’t have to plan out every day.

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