Monday, 23 July 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark (8 House, Ørestad)

Today is my last day in Copenhagen so I’ve planned to make the most of it. Before I left this morning I made a list of the places I’d like to see.  Not a long list, but enough to where I will be satisfied that I’ve made a good attempt to explore the city.

The first stop was to the famous Tivoli Gardens, just across the street from the central train station. Way before Disneyland there was Tivoli Gardens. To the modern eye it seems a little out-of-date, but I’m sure to previous generations it was an entertainment dream. So much to see there and many families with their children enjoying the park-like setting with many rides and amusements. I took a few pictures before I left for my next destination, Christainsborg Palace.

Christainsborg Palace is located on the nearby islet of Slotsholmen. This is the location of the Danish Parliament, the Danish Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court of Denmark. The palace also contains the Royal Reception Rooms where foreign ambassadors to Denmark are received. Remarkably, these buildings are rather understated. Very grand, but very simple too. I didn’t go inside for a tour and focused my attention more on the exterior.

Next up was Rosenborg Castle. Rosenborg Castle was built as a country summerhouse in 1606. (Back then, this location, only a few kilometers away from the official palace, was considered to be out in the country.) Only briefly used as a royal residence, now a museum containing much of the royal collection. Because the visitor lines were short I decided to tour the castle.

The castle has remained standing in good condition for over four centuries. The number of royal artifacts is amazing. Up until this century the priceless royal jewels were kept behind a locked door in the castle. No elaborate security precautions. They were just off the throne room on the second floor where the king could show his visitors during state visits. Now the collection is held below ground, but still with fairly minimal security.

From the castle I was close to a stop on the Metro. I got turned around and needed to ask several people for directions to get me on the correct Metro line. As it turns out, the Metro station was one floor below the regional train station. (Who knew?) In any case, I boarded the correct Metro line and was on my way back to the flat.

For dinner I finished up on some leftovers before watching a few episodes of Downton Abbey. Tomorrow I leave for Gothenburg, Sweden.

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