Sunday, 22 July 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark (8 House, Ørestad)

I’m enjoying the cooler weather while I’ve been in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a little further north than Edmonton, Alberta. My next destination, Gothenburg, Sweden is even more north and I’ll expect more days in the lower 70’s. Feeling sorry from family and friends in the NW who are experiencing some hot summer days.

Today I’m visiting the Copenhagen Airport and the Copenhagen Central Station to get squared away on my trip to Gothenburg. I think it’s the many travel options that are getting me confused. Good to have more experience with mass transit and hopefully the cities that I’ll visit over the next few weeks will be along the same design.

The Ørestad station has two options for travel. The Metro and the regional train both cross at that location. I decided to first go to the airport and get my ticket based on the suggestion from my Airbnb host. The trains (both the carriages and tracks) that support the regional lines look very solid. Just an observation.

I took a regional train to the airport since it was quicker than the Metro line which makes frequent stops. I suppose I should have taken this line when I first arrived in Copenhagen to avoid the cost of the taxi. But unless I have to, I generally don’t want to try and figure out a new method of transportation when I arrive at an airport. A personal preference of mine.

Once I got to the main terminal at the airport I found where tickets for the trains were being sold and that several people from the train company were on hand to answer questions. One of the gentlemen there helped me with my purchase. Of course it seems easy when you get help, but I didn’t want to take any chances of purchasing the wrong ticket. And I found out why I couldn’t find Gothenburg when I looked for that destination the day before. It is because the English name for Gothenburg is not used, but the Swedish version, Gøteborg was used. And because, alphabetically listed, Gøteborg is at the end of the “G” list of cities because of the “ø” is alphabetically last. Good to know!

I now have my ticket for Gothenburg and can let my Airbnb host here in Copenhagen know when I’ll be leaving and my Airbnb host in Gothenburg will know when I’ll arrive.

From the airport, I got back on the regional train again and went in the other direction to Copenhagen’s central station. Nice that the airport and train station are conveniently connected. I’m going to the train station to see about redeeming the remaining amount on my card. And found out from talking with a customer service representative, I should request the refund on my last day in Copenhagen so I can use the card until that time. As a result, I’ll leave from the Copenhagen Central Station on Tuesday.

After I returned to the flat I took a nap, made dinner and watched more of Downton Abbey before I went to bed. Tomorrow I’m visiting a few places in Copenhagen that I want to see before I leave, so by the end of the day I’ll be in good shape for my next stop, Gothenburg (or Gøteborg).

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