Saturday, 21 July 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark (8 House, Ørestad)

No touring Copenhagen today. I needed to confirm reservations for Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Also, to finalize plans for traveling by train from Copenhagen to Gothenburg, Sweden. My goal was to wrap up these loose ends today.

After almost three hours I completed the reservations. My open question is how to take the train from here to Gothenburg. I consulted my Airbnb host and she gave me some ideas and confirmed what I knew already. I decided to investigate the train station that is next to the Metro station one stop away.

Once I got to this nearby train station (Ørestad) I was confused about how to buy a ticket. I couldn’t get the ticket machine to find my destination, Gothenburg. My Airbnb host suggested going to the airport to get the ticket. I realized I wouldn’t get this resolved today. I’ll need to visit both the Copenhagen airport and Copenhagen’s central train station. I have to visit the train station anyway to get a refund on my Metro card. This I can do tomorrow.

After a quick trip to the grocery store I was home again and ready for a quick nap. After my nap I realized that I was behind in writing my travel blog entries for two days. Also I needed to upload new pictures to my picture blog. Getting current took me over two hours to complete and now it was nearly 8:30 p.m.

Dinner consisted of a hamburger patty topped with cheddar cheese, boiled potatoes (with plenty of butter) and green pea salad. No one could say that I’m not eating well. I really enjoy basic foods like this rather than trying something new. I know that I’m probably missing out on many terrific foods, but I’m happy with what I fix for myself.

I had a relaxing evening watching more Downton Abbey episodes. I suppose this relates to food as well, since I enjoy watching something I’ve seen before that I know is quality rather than watching something new that might be questionable. What I really enjoy is traveling to new destinations, staying in new places and meeting new people. Perhaps that is enough “new” for me and finding comfort in something familiar and predicable balances out the newness of travel?

My primary goal tomorrow is to get my train ticket for Tuesday and let my Airbnb host in Gothenburg know when to expect me. I’m looking forward to staying in his flat. The reviews for this place are outstanding and all who submitted reviews agree that this is the perfect place to stay when visiting Gothenburg.

Copenhagen Food Prices: Below is a sample of food that I’ve purchased while in Copenhagen. I’ve converted the cost into US Dollars.

Large Bag of Spinach: $6.82
Quart of Milk: $2.63
Muesli Cereal: $9.68
Corn on the Cob (2): $3.72
Boneless Chicken Breasts: $15.48
Cheddar Cheese (1/2 lbs): $5.87
Special K Cereal: $9.59
Loaf of Bread: $1.84
Mayonnaise: $5.89
Asparagus: $4.96

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