Thursday, 19 July 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark (8 House, Ørestad)

Today my primary goal is to visit “The Little Mermaid” statue. This statue has been an icon of Copenhagen for many years. I’ll visit the mermaid and decide what to stop and see along the way. The closest Metro stop is Kongens Nytorv (“The King’s New Square”) and from there I’ll walk to the statue.

Along the way I purchased a small dish of Oreo ice cream and enjoyed looking into the shops along the boulevard that leads to the harbor. A short distance from the statue I found an interesting church, St. Alban’s Church (Anglican) that sits next to the Kastellet (Citadel) and also near an interesting water feature. I went inside the church and looked around before continuing my walk to the mermaid statue.

I knew the statue was not very big, but I could see it from a short distance as I approached it. Mainly because of the number of people taking pictures. I was half interested in the statue and half interested in the people taking pictures with the statue. No guards or security from what I could tell. No gates or warnings. Like most places outside of the U.S., it is assumed most people understand the concept of being careful.

After the mermaid I made my way back to the nearby Citadel and walked around inside its walls. Several buildings within the Citadel looked like barracks to house soldiers and others buildings perhaps for senior officers. The Citadel looked very well maintained but few signs with useful information.

I took a number of pictures that showed the beauty of the city. Today was the first day when I didn’t feel overheated. It was a very nice day to walk around and I enjoyed my time outdoors without feel miserable. I’ve been in so much hot weather over the past month, I was ready for a cooler climate.

On the way back to the flat I stopped by a store to shop for a few groceries and then to the Metro. I’m feeling very comfortable with using the Metro. I’m still amazed that it is fully automated and that security to make sure everyone pays is minimal.

For dinner I ate chicken salad that I made from yesterdays roasted chicken. And for dessert I prepared bowl of trimmed and sliced strawberries. Not as good as Hood’s, but they were fully ripened and tasty.

I’ve been watching the second season of Victoria and will watch Downton Abbey when I hook up the other TV to my Apple TV, since I found the flat’s Wi-Fi box.

I’m enjoying staying in a quiet (and very modern) neighborhood of Ørestad. From what I can make out, this area was once used as an artillery training range that was created by a reclaimed sea bed in the 40’s. This development is progressing slower than expected, but I could estimate that the area is a third each of new development (business and residential), buildings currently under construction and the remainder is undeveloped land.

Tomorrow I’m planning to join a Segway tour to look around the old part of the city. It has been a few months since I’ve been on a Segway. I’m looking forward to it!

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