Thursday, 12 July 2018

London, England (Hampton by Hilton, London Docklands)

After a late start in the morning, I met Miguel at the Tower Hill station at 2:00 and I mentioned that I’d like to see about getting a document notarized. He was all for helping me locate a bank who may have a notary on staff. After we visited a couple of banks we concluded that I would need to engage a professional notary through an agency. In any case we had a good walk around the financial district of London, not too far from the Tower of London.

Later we went to 10 Downing Street where we understood a demonstration was happening at 5:30. I spoke to several people there and saw a confrontation between two men who had different opinions. The police were there to maintain order, but that was the only issue that I could see. Otherwise, just a few people with signs standing around the entrance.

From there we went to Trafalgar Square and drank a couple of beers that we purchased at a local Tesco and talked while watching a performance from the Royal Opera House. I also learned that the police take unclaimed items very seriously. A backpack that had been sitting next to me since we first sat down and didn’t think anything of it. I guess the police noticed that the bag didn’t belong to us and came around and asked about it. We were reminded that we should have reported it earlier.

It was getting late and we parted ways and I headed back to the hotel. Was good to catch up with Miguel and we might meet up again before I leave next Tuesday.

Was very tired when I returned to the hotel and was in bed earlier than usual. Tomorrow I’m going to Parliament Square to see the Baby Trump Balloon, getting the document notarized, attending the Trump demonstration at Trafalgar Square and then my friend Dmytro’s performance at Wilton’s Music Hall. Should be a busy day.

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