Saturday, 7 July 2018

Gzira, Malta (33 Triq Carlo Manche’)

It was an interesting morning. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to sleep more or stay awake. It was noon before I decided to actually start my day, though I had my coffee and cereal much earlier.

I found myself on my laptop for a few hours, mainly to make reservations for my visit to Sweden. Also worked a little on financial planning and my cousin’s estate. I forgot to mention that a few days ago I spoke with Cousin Donna and we updated each other on what we’ve been up to. I’ll probably write the checks in the next few weeks to close out the estate, but first I need to get the checks. I had forgotten to have the blank checks mailed to me and now need to have them sent express mail so I’ll have them by the time I reach London. The checks for the estate account, that I opened when I was in Oregon, were not shipped to my Oregon address until after I had left. When I arrive in London, there is a court document that I need to sign and have notarized.

Finally I was ready for an afternoon walk. I’ll have to admit that I don’t like being out in the heat. I hadn’t realized that Malta would be so hot and humid. Regardless of that, I’m enjoying my time here. Where I’m staying is really like being a local, which is what I like. Today, I only walked along the promenade by the harbor looking for a boat trip that I might book for tomorrow or Monday before I leave for London. While there was many offerings of boat trips, mainly to the same locations by the same tour operators, I wasn’t interested. After about 30 minutes I turned around and walked back.

I picked up a few items at the local grocery, bought some asparagus at the green grocer and a couple of chicken breasts at the butcher. Finally I was back in the flat with air conditioning! I ordered some new walking shoes from Amazon and finished an online check-in for my flight to London on Tuesday.

I tried to lay down for a nap but guess I wasn’t tired, so I got up and updated my travel blog. By the time I finished with the blog it was time to make dinner. Chicken, mashed potatoes and asparagus. I saved one of the breasts to make chicken salad tomorrow.

After cleaning up the kitchen it was time to watch more of Downton Abbey. As I was watching I could hear music and looked out the window and saw a marching band. I assumed it was part of the weekend festival in Gzira. It appeared that they had a route and I could hear them off and on for the next hour or so. Then there was a short fireworks show at around 11:00.

I watched three episodes of Downton Abbey then decided it was time for bed. Tomorrow I’ll either walk over to Valletta, the capital of Malta, or nearby Manoel Island.

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