Thursday, 5 July 2018

Gzira, Malta (33 Triq Carlo Manche’)

Not much planned for today. Glad to know that tomorrow I’ll get a driving tour of the island so I’ll just continue to explore my corner of the island today.

This flat is working out very well. I’m situated in a quiet neighborhood away from the tourist areas but convenient to shopping and the beautiful nearby harbor. The flat itself is updated and has most everything I need.

After I showered I walked up to Tower Road that loops up around the other side of the island. Once at the top of the hill it’s a short walk to the shore of the Mediterranean. The day was very hot and muggy so I took it slow and tried to stay in the shade. I walked for about 20 minutes along the road that follows the shoreline then turned around.

On the way back to the flat I stopped again at the larger store and picked up a few items while I was in the store’s neighborhood. I decided last night that rather than make chicken noodle soup that I’d make a chicken salad spread and have chicken salad sandwiches in order to use up the leftover chicken. I keep it simple and just add mayo and chopped celery to the diced chicken then and add seasoning.

I can’t say enough how much air conditioning is appreciated here. Coming back to a cool flat is perfect. And sleeping at night works out well when I keep the air conditioner in the main room running at night and leave the bedroom door open. It is just enough cool air to make it comfortable at night, but without the cold air blowing over me at night.

After a nap and making the chicken salad for dinner I continued watching Downton Abbey. After a couple of hours I sliced up some of the strawberries and ate a big bowl of them while watching my show. The strawberries are not as good as the Hood’s, but are ripe throughout and have good flavor.

Tomorrow Vanessa is picking me up at 9:00 and we begin our driving tour of the island. She is a native of the island so will be interesting to hear her stories about growing up here.

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