Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Gzira, Malta (33 Triq Carlo Manche’)

I approve of the bed. So much sleep last night (and through most of this morning). I got up, drank coffee, read the news and social media then went back to bed and slept for two more hours.

When I received a text from Csabi, my Hungarian friend, wishing me a happy 4th of July, I realized it was the 4th. I received an e-card the day before, but forgot about it being the 4th today until reminded. From a Hungarian!

Not much planned for today. I’ll need to find some lunch soon since I skipped breakfast and would also like to buy a chicken to roast tonight for dinner.

After showering I left the flat and looked into some of the nearby markets. The big market I went to last night was good because everything was in one place, but I think I should be able to find what I need today by utilizing the locals small shops. I walked by a nearby butcher shop and wasn’t sure if it was open, but I’ll stop by on my way back. I found a green grocer and bought a few items there, then walked down the street and bought a generous slice of pizza for 1 Euro, which I ate while sitting on some nearby steps and watched people walk by.

I had to return to the green grocer on the way back because I forgot to buy some potatoes. I bought some strawberries on my first visit so that will be my substitute for something green at dinner.

I decided to pick up the chicken later when I would buy bottled water. Since it was early afternoon the sun was making me sweat and I needed to get to some air conditioning. And perhaps a quick nap too.

I returned later and bought the chicken and water from another shop. The , butcher shop that I went to had only been open a week. The chicken is fresh daily and beef is updated every third day if not sooner. Good to know.

There is always a small challenge when learning how a new stove with cook-top and oven works. In this case the oven was easy: Off, Bake, Broil. The burners, being propane, were a little more tricky. I found out that the burner is turned on by rotating the appropriate knob, then press an igniter button on the top, then at the same time press down on the knob.

Eventually I had a roasted chicken and some mashed potatoes. I finished watching an episode of Downtown Abbey while I ate dinner then worked on my blog. While writing my blog I heard back from Vanessa who will be driving me around Malta on Friday.

After dinner I wasn’t too tired and watched five more episodes of Downton Abbey. At 1:00 a.m. I thought I should try to sleep, but that didn’t work so watched another episode. I must have slept too much last night.

Tomorrow I’m walking over to the other side of the island (about 1 – 2 km away) and see the Mediterranean. Also to buy a couple of items at the big supermarket that I couldn’t find at the local stores.

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