Friday, 15 June 2018

Larnaca, Cyprus (Nicolaides Sea View City)

Another day of bumming around which I need as I think about what to do about health insurance and my travel plan for August and September. I’m also due to talk with my financial planner and review my projected budget that I’m mapping out until 2044 when I’ll be 90, which is only 26 years away. I did a preliminary plan last year at this time, but only had it projected until I was 88, but thought for this year I should bring it up to at least age 90.

At dusk I took a walk down to the beach. Without the sun overhead it is much more tolerable. I had seen a few rally cars revving their engines as I walked towards the beach, a five minute walk from the flat. It wasn’t until I was walking along the main drag when I realized that they were preparing for a rally, the Cyprus Rally, taking place this weekend.

There are still a few people out swimming as I took a few pictures, but for the most part the crowds are walking on the promenade along Finikoudes Beach.

After I returned from my walk, I watched a movie, The Black Panther, then went to bed. I managed to not take a nap in the early evening so I should have a good night’s sleep tonight.

Tomorrow I’ll try to work more on my future plans.

To see pictures: CLICK HERE

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