Monday, 11 June 2018

Larnaca, Cyprus (Nicolaides Sea View City)

When I woke, I anticipated a very lazy day for me. It might take me a few days to get back into a somewhat regular sleep schedule. But I’m not concerned. It isn’t like I really have to be anywhere at a certain time.

Last time I was here five months ago, I recall walking down the main street near the flat and there was a nice grocery about 15 minutes away. I try that. Need to get the traditional chicken in the oven.

I started walking. And after I thought I found the grocery, it wasn’t the one I remembered. In any case, I got in a walk and saw the neighborhood. Along the way, there was an interesting mixture of expensive cars, high-end apartments, and on the main street, small shops and pubs. I really worked up a good sweat while walking around. Knowing that I had air conditioning waiting for me when I got back to the flat helped a lot.

On the way back I stopped by Pizza Hut and ordered a pizza for dinner. While waiting for the pizza to be made, I walked over to the nearby McDonald’s for two cheeseburgers that I’ll eat for lunch. I’ll warm up the pizza for dinner.

The most ambitious thing I did today was do a load of wash. No clothes dryer here, but I used the rack to dry the clothes. I was going to take the drying rack out to the balcony, but it was much too windy. Thought a pair of my underwear might fly off the balcony and land in the street below.

While watching “The Expanse” at night I ate the pizza in two sessions. I wasn’t super hungry, but I stayed up late enough where I felt the need to have more to eat.

If my goal was to have a lazy day today, I was successful. Ever so often I remember how it was when I was working, busy with volunteer activities and my almost daily workouts at the gym. So very different now. Back then, many days of four or five hours of sleep and a full schedule the next day. Seems like a different world back then.

Tomorrow I’ll buy the chicken, now that I remember where the big grocery store is. I think there is a place across the street from the store where I got a pedicure. And I need to mail in my check to American Express in the U.K. Maybe I’ll wake up early tomorrow and see a beautiful sunrise. I’d like that!

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