Tuesday, 29 May 2018

London, England (198 St. John Street, Clerkenwell)

We were out the door earlier today because we are traveling to Richmond, home of the famous Kew Gardens. Actually, the trip is several steps. First take the underground from Farringdon Station to Baker Street Station, then the Jubilee line to Waterloo station. At Waterloo station, buy tickets for the train to the community of Richmond. When at Richmond, catch a bus to Kew Gardens. The duration for this journey took about 90 minutes. Though, on the way to Farrington Station, we stopped by the nearby post office to put several items in the mail.

At Kew Gardens we both used our senior status to get reduced priced tickets. (Saved a little over two pounds each!) There was so much to see here, so we took a few minutes to discuss our game plan. We agreed to join the Temperate House tour at 12:30 and, in the meantime, would walk through the Palm Glass House.

The Palm House was very warm and humid. I had to take off my glasses and coat as soon as I walked in. So many tropical plants! But the heat and humidity! I now know that I probably will not visit tropical countries. Think I’ll stay a good distance away from the equator.

The Temperate House (plants that live in more temperate climates) tour was very interesting. It has recently reopened this month. The person giving the tour gave an excellent introduction of the building’s history and purpose. When inside, out guide selected a few plant groupings and told us more about each.

It had started to rain while we were on this tour. By the time we left it was a downpour and there was so much water, there was a moat forming around the building. We were both drenched as we returned to the visitor center. We hadn’t come prepared for the rain. We saw an electric truck pulling covered cars and decided to join that tour. That was a great idea. We were able to see many of the garden’s features without leaving the dry comfort of the tour.

The rain looked liked it wasn’t going to stop so we caught a bus that took us back to the train station. By the time we returned to the flat we were tired and hungry. Craig suggested pizza and I was okay with that.

He found a nearby street that had many food and drink establishments. One of them was a placed named Santore. While it was 8:00 p.m., the place was full and we waited 10 minutes for a table. We quickly agreed upon a pizza to share and a good merlot. We have many family stories to share and this was our last night before I leave tomorrow.

It has been great to have the time to catch up with Craig. His family lived in the Seattle area and we saw them from time to time for weddings, picnics, and most recently, funerals. Craig is actually my mom’s first cousin, so I’m his first cousin, once removed. He and my mom share the same grandparents and I’m one generation removed, so these grandparents are my great-grandparents. Anyway, we talked frequently about his Aunt Floye (my Great-Aunt Floye) who traveled the world in her senior years. (Floye was his father’s sister and my grandfather’s sister.)

Our pizza, Napoli style, was excellent. And so was the wine. I didn’t realize it, but we walked over 25,000 steps yesterday. No wonder I was tired. Think Craig was tired too.

I folded the load of wash that I started before we left for dinner. Then got my things ready to pack tomorrow. Thankfully it was a cool day and the flat was like it should be (not hot!) with more typical London weather. I’m sure that neither of us will be bothered by the heat as we sleep tonight.

Onwark to Bucharest tomorrow.

To see pictures: CLICK HERE

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