Monday, 28 May 2018

London, England (198 St. John Street, Clerkenwell)

Since we didn’t quite make it to the Kensington yesterday, we will make it our travel destination today. High on the list is to see the Victoria and Albert Museum and Albert Hall. Time permitting, we will walk over to Kensington Palace.

Rather than take a bus, we opted for the underground that will drop us off near the V&A Museum. Nice to have Farrindon Station so close and the walk to the station takes less than 10 minutes. Craig is getting better with the underground and learns more each day.

After we arrived at the V&A, we sat down and mapped out what we wanted to see. We decided to start at the top and work our way down. As I had mentioned in a previous post, the ceramic collection goes on forever and difficult to walk from one end of the floor to the other without stopping many times along the way. Even though I have visited the V&A several times, I see something new when I go with someone else.

Craig wanted to investigate a nearby hotel that was recommended to him by a friend. Since he is staying an additional day, he could either rent the flat we’re in for one extra day or move to a hotel. This hotel was a short walk from the V&A. The recommended room was called a “cabin” room because it really was the size of a small cabin you’d find on a boat or train. Room just for a bed and a small bathroom. The interesting point was that this large converted house was once the home of the Queen Mother’s father. After viewing this hotel, Craig decided to stay another night in the flat where we’re staying and we were fortunate that the Airbnb host discounted the rate.

As we were walking toward the Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Statue, we realized that Kensington Palace was a short walk from where we were, so we first walked over there. Craig took pictures while I found a place in the shade underneath a tree. It was getting very warm but found it cool sitting on the grass while waiting for Craig.

On the way to the Royal Albert Hall I showed Craig where I stayed a couple of years ago. A single room Airbnb property where I shared a kitchen and bathroom with several other people. That type of Airbnb quickly became a non-option when I made future Airbnb Reservations.

At the Royal Albert Hall I was beginning to get very hungry so I ordered a hot dog from a nearby street vendor, but only ate half of it. It was horrible. Craig took a bite from the other end of the hot dog and agreed that it was the worst. We had a good laugh and hoped that we wouldn’t feel the side affects later in the night.

We didn’t do a tour of the Royal Albert Hall, but you could walk around the hallway around the auditorium and view pictures of some of the many performers who have been featured over the years.

It was getting late in the day and we took the underground back to our area of Kensington where we found a place to have dinner. I must have had bad food karma today because the baked cod that I ordered was not cooked all the way through. At that point I lost my appetite.

The flat, at least the bedrooms, were not so hot in the evening because we closed off the bedroom area before we left earlier in the day. The rest of the flat cooled off once we opened the windows.

Tomorrow we are visiting Kew Gardens. It will be a good change of pace to take a train out of central London so Craig can see the countryside.

To see pictures: CLICK HERE

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