Sunday, 27 May 2018

London, England (198 St. John Street, Clerkenwell)

After we were up and about this morning, our Airbnb hosts came by at 11:00 to repair the small leak in my bathroom’s shower – which had previously leaked into the flat below. We left them at the flat while we rode the underground to visit Parliament Square and Buckingham Palace.

It was too bad that the Parliament buildings and Big Ben were covered with scaffolding during renovation. But the work has to be done to preserve these buildings for future generations. We walked down Westminster Bridge so Craig could have a better view of the Parliament buildings from the river side, where there wasn’t as much scaffolding.

Westminster Abbey was closed today, because it was Sunday. Though Craig seemed to enjoy looking at this building from the outside. Definitely a large church, though there are many other churches in Europe that are much larger. Still, considering that the Abbey is around a 1,000 years old, that is impressive.

We walked through St. James’s Park to Buckingham Palace. Craig was interested in the movements of the red-coated guards while we visited the palace. We took a selfie before we walked through the Palace’s gift shop, which is one of the best gift shops that I’ve been in. They seem to have the best of everything. Craig found a number of souvenir items that he will take back to the U.S. for family and friends.

We were both getting hungry and Craig encouraged us to take a bus from the Green Park station to Sloan Square so we could explore Chelsea and find a place to eat. I’ve avoided buses because they can become tied up in traffic and I also don’t understand their routes, but I thought I should give it a try. Probably more interesting for Craig since riding a bus gives him more opportunity to see London.

We almost had a disaster when Craig realized he didn’t have his wallet. Fortunately it was waiting for him when we returned to the place where we bought our lunches.

As it was getting late in the afternoon, we decided to take a bus back to the flat so he could prepare for having dinner with a friend of his. I would leave after I had my dinner to meet up with my friend Miguel.

We both arrived back to the flat at around midnight. It was still hot in the flat and there wasn’t much of a breeze to help cool the rooms. I stayed up and watched another episode of The Crown then fell asleep on the sofa.

Tomorrow we are traveling to the Kensington area to visit the Albert & Victoria museum and perhaps a couple of other museums in the area. Then walk by Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial. We may also return to the New Globe Theatre to watch a play.

To see pictures: CLICK HERE

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