Saturday, 26 May 2018

London, England (198 St. John Street, Clerkenwell)

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we’re walking by the Tower of London today, crossing Tower Bridge and explore the area south of the Thames. It will be a full day.

Again while Craig was getting his coffee and doughnuts for breakfast, I used the time to take a shower and get dressed. It was going to be a bit warmer than yesterday so I wore a lighter t-shirt.

Traveling to the Tower of London was easy. The nearby underground station had a train that went directly to Tower Hill and we got off there. After walking across the Tower Bridge we got to see it open for a passing boat. It was a beautiful day and we both took some terrific pictures.

The Borough Market, one of the largest and oldest food markets in London, was a short distance away. We were both getting hungry and went out own way to find something to eat. There was no shortage of options! Thankfully, it wasn’t too crowded and most lines were short, except for this one booth selling coffee that had at least 30 people in line waiting.

On the way to our next destination was another Caravan establishment. Craig found another one the night before, so he has completed the Caravan trifecta. Then we found out there was one more that we didn’t see listed.

Craig was talking with the bartender and a couple nearby. I happened to see Tom Daley (the UK Olympic diver) with some friends outside. My first celebrity sighting! I’ve probably walked by dozens of celebrities in my travels but wasn’t paying attention.

After I finished my pint of beer and Craig finished his gin and tonic we walked toward the New Globe Theater. They offer tours there and have regular performances as well. We were hoping just to look inside to the theater, but we told we would need to go with a guide. We agreed this is something to consider for later.

Nearby was the Tate Modern. Part of it looks new and the remainder of the space was reclaimed from the former Bankside Power Station. As a result, a number of very large rooms that are perfect for displaying the vast number of exhibits. I saw Tate Britain with Prean last year, that also has a number of pieces of modern art, but this was my first visit here. It was getting toward the end of my day of touring and after about an hour I left Craig who wanted to continue walking around.

I decided to walk back to the flat via the Millennium Bridge then see St. Paul’s along the way. It was a great day for walking. In all, I walked 18,697 steps today. Once back to the flat I was ready to remove my shoes and get off my feet. After I opened up all the windows to let in fresh air I took a nap on the couch. Later I walked to the nearby Waitrose and bought some hamburger and frozen peas for dinner.

While starting to watch more of The Crown, Craig walked in. He was out on his own exploring London. Unfortunately, his mobile hotspot’s battery went dead and he lost the ability to use his phone for its map function. He said he took some wrong turns but eventually was able to find his way back. Considering he has only been here a few days and without a map, he did a super job finding his way around.

Tomorrow is Buckingham Palace, Parliament Buildings, and Westminster Abbey. Then look around Chelsea before heading back to the flat.

To see pictures: CLICK HERE

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