Friday, 4 May 2018

Warsaw, Poland (Hampton by Hilton, Central Warsaw)

Another fine day in Warsaw. Today, the only thing I have planned to do is visit the National Museum. After walking by the very large building a couple of times already I know that the collection there will be vast and I’m prepared.

After breakfast and a shower, I started my walk to the museum. The day was a little cooler than yesterday so I was fine with a t-shirt and my light green coat. I walked along the back streets, rather than the main thoroughfares, to the museum. Along the way I looked for a self-service laundromat where I can wash my clothes, but no luck.

This museum, from what I could gather, was like our Smithsonian Museum, but rather than having separate buildings, the exhibits were in one very large building spread out over several floors. After I purchased my ticket I checked my coat since the building was a little warm.

It seems the museum was divided into various time periods, including some pre-historic exhibits and ancient civilizations, but I started with medieval art. From there I walked through several halls of 18th and 19th century art, impressionism works, then the “masters” were on the top floor. Mostly paintings were exhibited with some statues and other works included as well. There was one hall devoted to 20th century art, furniture and advertisement. Another was one large hall devoted exclusively to Ignacy Paderewski who was a well-known and admired Polish pianist, composer and statesmen.

After 90 minutes or so of walking through the various halls and galleries I was done. So much to see. And most everything on display was Polish in origin and was impressed with the quality or work produced over the years that was comparable to other European artists of their time. But I was ready for some tea and a snack.

Before my afternoon tea, I walked over to the outdoor exhibit of military vehicles, cannons, and aircraft. Most were from World War II and from the years of Soviet occupation. Everything displayed was out in the open and were not in the best condition. Perhaps the curators would prefer they rust and eventually go away?

The museum has a very simple cafe on the grounds. I had an Earl Grey and a cookie, sat outside under the trees, and watched families relaxing and enjoying the beautiful day.

After tea, I had thought about walking over to the Palace of Culture and Science, but preferred to return to the hotel and relax. I’ve been walking nearly 15,000 steps, sometimes more, each day. Getting rest in my quiet hotel room with the very comfortable bed has been a plus for me during my stay in Warsaw.

Tomorrow I’ll visit the Palace of Culture and Science and then walk over to the Old Town section of Warsaw. The weather is expected to remain fair and it should be another great day for walking.

To see pictures: CLICK HERE

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