Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Warsaw, Poland (Hampton by Hilton, Central Warsaw)

My back was feeling much better today and looking forward to getting out and walking around the city.

At breakfast I looked for the best route to get me to the Vistula River that runs through the city. From there I can walk to the old part of the city. After I started my walk I didn’t realize how far it was between each city block. But the weather was perfect for walking and I didn’t mind.

There were a number of people in football (soccer) jerseys with most wearing team scarfs. After looking at the map again I realized they were heading for the stadium. These fans are passionate about their teams. I heard more than one group of guys singing or yelling their team’s song.

I just kept walking towards the river, which seemed like miles away from the hotel. There were a couple of spots where I had to go underground to cross the streets. Warsaw has built into their infrastructure the means to walk under major roadways so pedestrians crossing the road don’t impact the flow of traffic. However, if you’re a pedestrian like me, who doesn’t live in Warsaw or speak the language, it is confusing when you go down the steps to know which direction you need to go to cross the street. Eventually I found my way to the river and relaxed.

It was the day after a holiday and there were relatively few people walking along the river. I took several pictures of the bridges that cross the river before I headed inland for my return to the hotel. I didn’t quite make it to the old part of the city but can return in the next couple of days.

All I wanted to do now was to sit down and have a coffee and a small snack. I found a Costa Coffee where I ordered an Americano and a cup of yogurt. I guess I was still full from breakfast. It was nice to sit down and people watch.

From Costa Coffee I walked up the hill back to the main part of the city. Along the way I passed the Chopin Museum that I’ll visit tomorrow. I’ll also plan to visit the nearby National Museum that I passed while walking to the river.

I had trouble at one of the underground passages that helped pedestrians cross under the street and found myself coming up to street level at the wrong spot. Eventually, after four tries, I found the right set of stairs that got me across the street. From there it was an easy walk back to the hotel.

This was my first day walking in warm weather and was glad to be in my air conditioned room. While I was gone, the hotel engineering staff fixed my toilet so it didn’t run after I flushed it. No need to muffle the toilet and close the bathroom door. I took a long nap.

After my nap I was finally hungry and walked to the train station to try the Chinese restaurant I saw there yesterday. The reviews of the restaurant were somewhat positive so I decided to give it a try. The food was served buffet-style and I tried a few dishes. The meal cost around $5.00 so I wasn’t expecting much. It did fill me up, but I will not go back.

I’ve been making plans to visit Luxor in June after Ramadan is over. Hussein and I will spend a week in Hurghada when I’m in Egypt. It will be nice to sit back and enjoy life on the Red Sea. Since it is the start of tourist season in most of Europe, I wanted to make my plane reservations early. I will first stay at the flat I like in Larnaca, Cyprsu then will fly from there to Cario and on to Luxor on the 19th of June.

I also made travel arrangements to visit Krakow, Poland starting the 7th of May. What I’ll do between Krakow and Larnaca is unknown. I’ll figure that out later.

Tomorrow I’ll visit the Chopin Museum and National Museum since it is expected to be a very warm day. Probably 80 degrees or more. This weather is quite a change from New York City and London.

To see pictures: CLICK HERE



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