Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Warsaw, Poland (Hampton by Hilton, Central Warsaw)

My back has been acting up and decided to give it a full rest today. Today is also a national holiday in Poland and most of Europe as well, so I’d expect most places to be closed. I managed to get downstairs and have a full breakfast before returning to my room.

I stayed in my room napping most of the day. In the evening I went out for a couple of cheeseburgers and thankfully McDonald’s was open. Very little traffic on the streets and almost every shop was closed.

Could hardly believe how much sleep I got during the day and was able get right to sleep at night.

Tomorrow I’ll venture out and explore more of Warsaw. The temperature will be in the 70’s which is great for walking. I’ll probably walk towards the river and take notes of what I’d like to visit over the next few days.

To see pictures: CLICK HERE

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