Sunday, 29 April 2018

London, England (Dawson House, Battersea Power Station)

Having nothing pressing, I decided to in sleep late this morning. I had been up earlier to have a cup of coffee, but thought extra sleep would be a good idea. I hadn’t planned on getting up at 10:30. Guess the walking yesterday wore me out.

I did some wash in the washer/dryer combo machine. This machine seemed to do a much better job than what I’ve used in the past. Everything was thoroughly dry and ready to fold. I had quite a few emails to answer and paid my American Express bill which goes to a UK address, so mailed from London while I was still here.

I also made arrangements to stay a couple of extra weeks in Edinburgh in the fall. Also, to make payment arrangements with my Edinburgh host’s bank and mine in the U.S. I also answered a number of emails that I received through Speaking of which, my brother has agreed to do a DNA test. It will be interesting to compare his results with mine and to see which distant cousins or ancestors he matches.

I eventually made lunch and watched some TV. It will be quite awhile before I see television where the language is English. I don’t plan to return to London until July.

Took my time getting packed so I wouldn’t need to in the morning. Also made reservations to have a taxi take me to an underground station in the morning. I’m planning to leave the flat at 4:30 a.m. to ensure I have time to get to Heathrow for my flight to Warsaw.


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