Friday, 27 April 2018

London, England (Dawson House, Battersea Power Station)

After walking so much this past week, I needed a rest. I also needed to follow-up on my duties as a Personal Representative for my cousin’s estate, which seemed to take most of the morning. Just have a few more accounts to transfer and then I’m mostly done.

I invited Prean and Viktor over for tea in the afternoon and in the meantime I continued to load pictures into the new site where my travel pictures are now located. (See the CLICK HERE link at the bottom of this post.)

I hadn’t seen Prean since I returned to London, so we talked mostly about my visit to the U.S. They had to leave at 5:30 and we agreed to meet up again at 8:00 at a local restaurant downstairs. This area where I’m staying reminds me of South Waterfront, where I lived in Portland, though much bigger and more construction projects currently underway. The new construction will probably result in quadrupling the number of people living in this area over the next couple of years.

We met at Fiume Restaurant and continued to talk over a shared bottle of wine and a light dinner for the next couple of hours. It was fun to practice our Italian with the staff who work in the restaurant. By the time we parted, I was very tired and I went upstairs to get some sleep.

Tomorrow we’re meeting again around noon at a market in Shoreditch. This will be a new area of London for me to explore.


To see pictures: CLICK HERE

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