Thursday, 26 April 2018

London, England (Dawson House, Battersea Power Station)

I’ve done very little sightseeing while in London. Mainly visiting with friends while I’m here. Viktor called on Tuesday and we had tea, walked around Battersea Park, got haircuts, then had afternoon tea. I ended up walking over 16,000 steps that day. We walked through a section of Pimlico that I hadn’t seen before and he showed me “Little Ben” located near Victoria Station which is a replica of “Big Ben”, currently undergoing restoration.

Yesterday, I worked on my blog to get it current. I also selected a picture storage web application that should eliminate my storage concerns. After posting some pictures, I think I’m going to like this new system. The Tumblr application will allow me to quickly upload and label pictures, which had been a time-consuming part of writing the daily blog. It also has the ability to add notes to pictures.

Last night I walked to the local Waitrose and bought a chicken to roast for dinner. I had been working so much on my blog, it wasn’t until 8:00 when I put the chicken in the oven. Today I’m making chicken noodle soup.

Today I walked to Buckingham Palace and sat on the steps of the Victoria Monument admiring the palace and watching the tourists. I’m finding that I use my phone’s GPS in London. I seem to know my way around the central part of the city quite well now. From Buckingham Palace I walked to the Green Park Station and took the underground to the station near where I’m staying and walked the rest of the way to my flat.

Also purchased a ticket to my new friend Dmytro’s concert in July. He has written a score to the old silent film Nosferatu that he performs as the film is shown. I saw him perform his score to the silent film Metropolis last October in Glasgow. This performance will be in London in July. My friend Csabi will be working in the London area at that time so will see him as well as Dmytro and his partner Hazel.

My friend Miguel stopped by and we went for a long walk through Battersea Park while we visited. When I returned to the flat I saw that I had walked over 22,000 steps. No wonder my legs are tired. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll take a break from walking. Though good to know that I’ve exceeded my goal of 15,000 steps a day on three out of the last four days I’ve been in London.

To see pictures: CLICK HERE

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