Sunday, 25 March 2018

Vancouver, Washington

I left Frederick, Maryland just before a significant snowstorm hit the area. I stayed in a hotel near the Baltimore airport so if the snow started falling earlier than planned I would not have too far to travel.

My last day visiting with Paula concluded with a quick visit to a few places within Washington D.C. On the way, Paula showed me where she used to live and also drove by the Kennedy Center before heading into D.C.

Paula dropped me off at Union Station, which was close to the National Portrait Gallery where we saw the recently installed pictures of the Obama’s. It was a quick train ride up to the BWI station and taxi ride to the hotel. Once I was checked into the hotel, a friend from Portland stopped by and we talked for nearly 5 hours. It had been a long time since we’ve seen each other.

The journey to Portland was easy. The first leg of the trip was to LAX, and after a two hour layover, another flight to PDX. At PDX I rented a car (Jeep Renegade) and drove to Scott’s house in Vancouver. I’ll stay with Scott while I’m in the Portland area.

Over the past few days I’ve been catching up with friends and making plans to visit more people while I’m here. I’ll leave on April 15 and fly to New York where I’ll stay for about a week.

While I enjoy seeing friends again and the Portland area too, I miss being in Europe. Perhaps more of my friends and family will visit me while I travel.

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