Saturday, 17 March 2018

Frederick, Maryland

March 16:

My first full day back in the U.S. Paula suggested, after we drove around Frederick, that we take a drive out to Harper’s Ferry. I had been in this area back when I worked for Norm Thompson to visit our distribution center.

Was a real treat to take a close look at the old homes and buildings that have been preserved. We stopped off at the Harper’s Ferry visitor center, mainly to use the restrooms, and had a nice chat with the volunteer working in the center.

The view point that overlooks the Potomac was special. You could see all up and down the river. Still a bit chilly outside. We also drove out to Boonsboro and had tea in a bookstore and visited some more.

I was still a little tired from traveling the day before and decided that I could get in a quick nap before dinner.

By the time we finished dinner and chatted some more, it was time to call it a day.

March 17:

We had breakfast at a local restaurant that served a good selection of breakfast meals. I opted for biscuits and grave and Paula ordered a quiche. I had suggested getting a pedicure and just as we drove out the parking lot we found a shop that did nails and haircuts. I got a pedicure and Paula had a manicure. The staff at the stop we very nice and we left happy.

From there toured the Deliplane Art Center then we walked around Frederick and stopped in a couple of furniture shops and a antique mall. So much to see! I started to get a headache and we left so I could take some aspirin and lay down before dinner.

We met a couple for dinner that Paula has known for many years. David, who Paula knew from the National Symphony Orchestra and his wife Susan were great dinner partners and we talked a lot about travel. We got to hear about David walking the Camino de Santiago. Something that I thought about doing, but who knows, maybe I’ll walk part of it sometime in the future. David and Paula entertained us with stores from the years with the orchestra.

They stopped by Paula’s house afterward and we ate the rest of the birthday cake and talked some more. We’ll see them tomorrow at the Frederick Symphony Orchestra concert.


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