Tuesday, 13 March 2018

London, England (Kensington Hilton, Holland Park)

Today (11 March) I’m returning to the National Portrait Gallery and continue where I left off last year and re-visit some of my favorite paintings and see what I didn’t see before. I left in the early afternoon and went to Trafalgar Square and looked around for a few minutes then walked over to the gallery.

What I’m discovering is that I’m very visual and when I see too much at one time, it gets a little overwhelming and I need to stop because my brain turns off. I like returning to places that I’ve visited so I can see what I didn’t see before. This visit, I focused on a few exhibits of Queen Victoria then reviewed the Tudor and Stewart exhibits. No doubt I’ll return again.

I was thinking about the excellent Chinese food that I enjoyed when Paula was here and returned to the same restaurant, Joy King Lau, and had spring rolls, green tea and chicken cashew with rice. Was very full when I left and returned to the hotel.

On Tuesday, 13 March, I needed some new socks so walked over to the nearby Westfield Mall. What a great mall! Much larger than anything I’ve ever seen and has all of the high-end stores. I ended up buying the socks at S&M’s and also had a late lunch at a Chinese food court restaurant in the mall, which was quite good.

I’ve been going through my suitcase and carry-on and weeding out what I don’t need and will take a couple of items to a nearby charity shop tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing the clothes that I left with a friend when I return to Portland. I’m getting a little tired of wearing the same clothes.

I’m making good progress at scheduling visits with friends and family when I’m in Oregon. Also, I made plane reservations to fly from Portland to New York City on the 15th of April. Haven’t make reservations to fly from NYC back to Europe, but I’ll do that in the next week, I hope.

Tomorrow I plan to actually watch the whole “Changing of the Guards” at Buckingham Palace. I’ve seen small bits of it, but not the whole process. I’ll have to get there by 11:00 to get a good spot.


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