Friday, 9 March 2018

London, England (Kensington Hilton, Holland Park)

I’ve been lazy, for the most part, while here in London. I managed to get unpacked yesterday and found a place that could print and scan the document for my attorney. And today I found a nearby self-service laundromat to wash my clothes. The woman at the self-service laundry place was very helpful and I was in and out (with my one load of wash) in a little over an hour.

Today, I met up with Prean and Viktor after I finished with my laundry. I was thinking over the past couple of days about how much patience it takes to travel, and today I got a chance to practice my patience.

In order to meet up with Prean and Viktor, I was to meet them in Battersea Park, which I assumed was to meet where we met before in December. And I thought the bridge’s name was Battersea Bridge. To meet up with them, I decided to take the underground to Victoria station then take a taxi to meet them. I should have told the driver to take me to Chelsea Bridge, but even that wasn’t correct since Prean and Viktor were waiting for me at Battersea Park’s Chelsea Gate. As a result I was let out a couple of kilometers from the meeting point. And I was late. Now to practice my patience. My new (or reinforced) practice, that I haven’t perfected yet, would be to immediately think about what I can learn from this experience. Perhaps I’ll find something new and interesting as a result. “This, or something better.” Otherwise, I’m just grumpy – especially on a rainy day in London. And looking forward to meeting up with my friends and enjoying afternoon tea. And getting out of the rain.

I eventually met them at the coffee shop that was just closing. (More patience practice.) We went to a couple of other places that also had closed at 4:30. We found a hotel with a coffee shop that was open and where we could finally take off our wet coats and hang up our umbrellas. I really enjoy my time with Prean and Viktor. I hadn’t seen them since the day after Christmas and we had so much to talk about.

As for “the something better” part. At the hotel coffee shop we were told they didn’t have any cakes to go with our tea, but they could make up some croissants for us. Fresh croissants! Perfect! And one of the jams served with the croissants was raspberry jam. I had told them I’m practicing my patience and they agreed that this place was a much better choice than the others.

We talked about visiting Russia next year. That would be fun. Looks like I have this year plan set, for the most part.

We took a taxi from the hotel and dropped them off at their place on the other side of Chelsea Bridge and I went on in the taxi to the Sloan Square station. Victoria station was closed due to a security threat. (Which turned out to be a false alarm.) I took the underground to Holland Park and stopped by Tesco on the way back to my hotel to pick up something to have for dinner.

I had a few shows to watch on Netflix and Amazon and then I was more than ready for bed at that point.

Tomorrow I need to start working on my visitation plan for my trip to the U.S. I need to get my scheduled visits documented in one place so I don’t over-commit myself. Also, I’m probably going to move to a new hotel room. Though this room was an upgrade, it is located across from the room Housekeeping uses to store their supplies. The front desk said another room is opening up tomorrow.

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