Monday, 26 February 2018

Porto, Portugal (Rua de Camões 21)

After I had a cup of coffee I started the clothes washer to get me through the next couple of weeks since I’ll be in hotels until I arrive at Paula’s on the 15th. Wow, just a little over two weeks until I fly to the U.S. I waited around for the washer to finish then put the clothes on the drying rack that I set up in the dining room near that room’s heater. They should be try by the time I get back from my walk.

Today I’m walking to the the Crystal Palace Park (Jardins do Palacio de Cristal). It is about a 20 minute walk from the flat. I left the flat after my shower and walked by the Clerigos Church and decided to go inside to take a couple of pictures.

Just before I entered the park I took a picture of the nearby homes. I can’t get enough of the tiles that have been placed on the outside of these homes.

I was right, the park was a great way to say goodbye to Porto. It was a good-sized park and had great views of Porto and Vila Nove de Gaia across the Douro River. It was named after a crystal palace that was on the site until it was pulled down in 1956 and replaced by sports pavilion. The gardens were designed in the 19th century and cover the flat part of the park and go down over the embankment towards the river.

I just walked around the park and took pictures.


After walking around the park for about 30 minutes I headed back to the flat. On the way, I stopped by the other side-by-side church and went inside. I was going to take a picture but a church event was in progress so I didn’t. On the way back I got a text from my Airbnb host that I’ll answer when I get home.

Also, I saw that one of our church’s senior practitioners posted a one of her daily prayers. It really sounded like something I needed to read and remember as I travel.

30-second PRAYER MAGIC
February 26: I open my heart and mind to the Truth of Spirit’s power and presence, receiving and accepting the Divine Vision, Creativity, and Infinite Potential that is unceasingly flowing into every corner of the Universe. As a unique expression of this Divine Spirit, I know I am always guided in my thoughts and actions toward a higher purpose. Today, I continue to surrender to what is mine to do, and take my journey to a new depth in order to be a catalyst for change and transformation. I am so thankful for the spiritual principles, practical tools, and wise teachers assisting me on my path. I release my Word into Law, knowing that my gratitude and my willingness call forth the perfect manifestation. And so it is.

My Airbnb host, who has been attentive, sent me a list of the times the metro train would be at the station in the morning. I had thought about taking a taxi to the airport, but now that I know the times of the train, I’ll try that instead.

I finished with the wash and put everything away and will do my final packing in the morning. For dinner, I ate the last of the lasagna soup then watched some TV before I went to bed.

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Madrid for a couple of days so I could get a flight directly to Cairo without going through Athens – where I would have to wait six hours in the terminal for the flight to Cairo. I thought about staying just one night, but it seems like a lot of work to stay one night then turn around and go back to the airport. I’d like to visit Retiro Park again and walk around.


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