Saturday, 24 February 2018

Porto, Portugal (Rua de Camões 21)

After coffee, and with a clear head, I started to dig into my inability to load pictures to my travel blog. As I confirmed, the online solutions were too complex for me to do on my own. I remember that I had contacted WordPress (the web application software) or SiteGround (who hosts the website) last year. I started with WordPress and found that there were two different affiliations WordPress. I contacted one who directed me to the other. Then the other WordPress directed me to SiteGround. (It is all started to come back to me from before.) I reached someone at SiteGround, via their chat application, who said he could help.

After he looked around at my site he saw that I had run out of space to load pictures. I had already added space to my site last year. He noticed that there were quite a few duplicate pictures but he said he could fix that from happening again. Then he said I would need to delete the duplicates and showed me where that is done, via the application. It became apparent that I couldn’t tell which of the pictures were attached to my blogs posts and his answer wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I would have to delete the duplicates and hope that I didn’t undo the link between where the pictures are stored and the blog. I was amazingly calm because I knew that everything would be okay. I just needed to work through it.

I saw some files that I could easily delete just to free up space. Once I was comfortable deleting files, I left it and started to get ready for my afternoon walk. By now it was early afternoon.

Today I’m walking in sort of the same direction that I walked on Wednesday, but just beyond where I had walked to see something new. First, I wanted to see the old train station that is nearby.

The train station, Porto Sao Bento, was built at the end of the 19th century and the tunnel servicing the station was completed about the same time. Since Porto is mainly built around a series of hills, there is very little flat place to lay tracks into the city. The solution for this station was to build a tunnel out of the city where rail service could be provided. The station where I arrived last Sunday, Campanha, was built about the same time, but don’t understand why there are two stations within somewhat close proximity. Though Campanha is a little further out of central Porto. Back then it was probably like being in the suburbs.

The inside of the station was beautiful with tiled pictures on the walls. It is much more attractive than the Campanha station. I took several pictures while I was walking to the station.

O Porto Statue

Interesting Art on Top of Buildings

Hillside Outside the Station

Station Building

Inside Station

My main destination were some parks up the hill from where I was. I walked the same way that I did on Wednesday, but went further to the northwest. It was Saturday and many families were out for a walk and groups of older men were talking or playing cards in the parks.

I came across some trees in this one park (Jardim da Cordoaria or Cordoaria’s Garden) where there was a bulge at the base of the trunk of each tree. There were many of these trees all planted in two rows.

Among the trees there was an interesting sculpture showing some men laughing at one of their friends who looks like he fell forward.

Took pictures of the streets and other statues that I found on my walk. Then came upon the two churches that were side by side. I went into the church on the right and took a picture of its interior. It was very ornate but also beautiful.

I found another park that had a variety of people selling small items from their tables. And more people just enjoying the sunny Saturday afternoon. And took a couple of pictures of the nearby streets. From there I went back to the flat to work on my website.

Someone Selling Old Typewriters


I deleted more files that looked okay to delete and saw that I had much more space. This will buy me some time before I clear out more of the pictures that I didn’t use in my blog. I’ve been thinking about posting just a few pictures on my blog each day and the remaining pictures on Instagram that I could link to my blog. The blog’s text hardly takes up any room and this would require less cleanup on my current site. Something to think about.

By the time I had dinner and worked on my blog it was getting late. I also spoke with Hussein about meeting up in Cairo. From there, I just watched a couple of NetFlix shows and went to bed.

Tomorrow I might try out Porto’s metro line. I will also make my Skinny Lasagna too. I know which activity will get the highest priority.




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