Friday, 23 February 2018

Porto, Portugal (Rua de Camões 21)

After I rolled out of bed and had coffee, I tried again to see if my miles had posted to my American Airlines account, and they were not there. I first contacted CitiBank and they said they were posted to my American Airlines account, which I noticed was a different account number than I had. They said to contact American Airlines and talk it over with them, which I did. They were able to merge both accounts together and said I could now book a flight using the points. This was great news!

I contacted Paula to see if the departure date of March 20th was okay with her, since I’ll be staying with her. I didn’t want to overstay my welcome. But she is so kind and said I could stay as long as I wanted, so I made the plane reservations.

Having all of that in order now, I showered and left for my afternoon walk. The direction I took was opposite of yesterday’s walk. I didn’t know what I’d find, but that was the direction I was headed. I first came upon a very large church, which I found out was Igreja da lapa (The Church of Our Lady of Lapa). The church the contains a school, hospital and a sizable cemetery. I took a picture of the inside and a few of the cemetery.

As seen when I first saw the church.

From a picture I found on Google, to show the whole church complex.

Interior of the church

Family mausoleums in the cemetery behind the church

I walked around some more and went down several side streets. I even was able to see the Atlantic Ocean at the end of one street. Took pictures of various things that caught my eye. I really enjoyed just walking around and seeing what I saw, with no plans attached.


After my afternoon nap I started to let people in Oregon know when I’ll be arriving. Especially my friend Scott who has offered to let me stay with him while I’m in town. Just so he knows I’ll be around for about three weeks. I also tried to phone my brother, but wasn’t able to reach him. I’ll need to put together a special calendar so I know who I’m seeing when. Looks like I’ll make several trips to Hood River.

As I was trying to update my travel blog I noticed I couldn’t upload pictures. The web application said my upload failed. I tried to find something via Google that told me what to do when I got this message and what I found looked fairly involved, so I decided that I’d work on this issue tomorrow. By this time I was ready to watch some TV before going to bed.

Tomorrow, I saw a few places I’d like to visit. But first I’ll need to find out why I can’t upload pictures. Now that I had my airline miles resolved, I guess I needed another project to keep me busy. But, I’ll leave that to be resolved tomorrow.


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