Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Porto, Portugal (Rua de Camões 21

Sun is expected to hang around Porto for the next few days. After breakfast, the plan was to have a look around the city. I had seen a bridge (Ponte Luis I or Dom Luis I Bridge) that crosses the Douro River, which flows through the center of Porto, though actually is between the city of Porto and the city of Gaia (or Vila Nova de Gaia).  It is a fairly short walk down the hill from my flat.

Took a picture of this church that is near my flat.

Statue near church

I left the flat at around 1:00 p.m., after I had a lunch where I finished the chicken noodle soup. It was a fairly straight walk to the bridge. I came upon a cathedral on a hill, so I walked up to have a closer look. I happened to stop near a tour group that was hearing about the history of the cathedral, where I learned it was the Cathedral of Porto (Porto Cathedral) and that it had been extensively altered over the years.

After I took a few pictures, I walked the short distance to the Luis I Bridge. It was built from a design by one of Gustave Eiffel’s deciples, Theophile Seyrig in 1886. He was also responsible for the nearby Maria Pia Bridge, that I’ll visit on another day.

View from the bridge

Bridge and view from aerial tram


After I crossed the bridge I saw an areal tram. As I walked towards the tram, I knew that I had to go on it for a ride down to the edge of the river below. It was 9 Euro for a return trip. I wasn’t planning on walking up the steep hill. The tram operates much like a ski lift where the cars slow down at the upper and lower terminals to let passengers and off without coming to a complete stop. Since there was no line to board the tram car I had the whole car to myself. It was an easy ride to the bottom of the hill. When I left the terminal I saw a couple of people enjoying a dish of ice cream or sorbet. I found where to buy the sorbet and had one with cream and figs.

I enjoyed the sorbet while sitting near the river and watching the people drinking an afternoon beer and taking advantage of the sunny day. I didn’t stay by the river for too much longer after that and rode the tram back up to the bridge and started my walk back into Porto. I took a few more pictures from the bridge.

By this time it was late in the afternoon and I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few more things on the way back to the flat. I cut short my walking around since I was getting a slight headache and looked forward to laying down for awhile. I must have needed the rest since I think I slept for nearly two hours.

Since it was getting late, I started preparing the Cottage Pie as soon as I got up from my nap. It takes a good two hours for prep and to cook. While it was cooking I got caught up on my travel blog.

By the time I ate it was after 8:30 and I was still tired, so was in bed by around 10:30. Maybe earlier.

Tomorrow I’ll walk in a different direction and see a little more what Porto has to offer. The sunny weather is expected to continue through my stay in Porto.


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